7 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Efficiency


Your company needs to operate efficiently to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in the market in the modern business environment. According to Forbes, business efficiency involves the amount of output a company produces against the resources used. If a firm can produce quality results within a relatively short period using few resources, it is considered efficient. However, a company’s efficiency is impacted by various factors like employee productivity. The following are seven key ways you can improve your company’s efficiency.

1. Set SMART Goals

SMART is a strategy that assists you in setting practical and quantifiable goals that can promote your company to become more efficient. You may already have set goals such as “expanding your business” or “making more profit.” Whereas such goals are practical, they are not specific. On the contrary, SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Consequently, through applying this strategy to your company goals, you can monitor each objective and enhance their efficiencies. For example, you can improve your objective to “make more profits” to become “raising revenues by 40% before the end of quarter two.” Your new objective consists of all the elements of a SMART goal and enables you to develop new benchmarks, prioritize, and offer better service.

2. Outsource Non-core Business Processes

A business has various processes, and you can’t have expertise in all of them, nor can you do everything by yourself. These processes include payroll, accounting, HR, and management functions, which require professionals to be completed efficiently. Consequently, outsourcing such non-core functions can help your company become more efficient. If you outsource your non-core functions to specialized professionals, you can significantly enhance your company’s efficiency in such areas.

3. Embrace Technology

Adopting the latest technology promotes your company’s business practices, rendering your company more efficient by facilitating fast communication. If your business is dependent on cross-departmental communication, you can adopt communication software, RFP proposal software, and project management technologies. Additionally, technology can accelerate your business processes, rendering them more efficient. Ultimately, investing in technology is a worthy risk to take as it can provide capabilities that otherwise your business couldn’t have.

4. Monitor Employee Productivity Regularly

Another excellent way to improve your company’s efficiency is by tracking the productivity of your workers. Currently, you can apply different strategies in tracking productivity at the workplace. For instance, through daily reporting, holding weekly meetings, and evaluating individual goals against the output for each worker. Eventually, this will aid you in keeping track of the progress and make the necessary changes to maximize the output, leading to increased efficiency.

5. Add Incentives

Working on a strategy to enhance employee motivation at the workplace can do wonders and help you increase your company’s efficiency. Adding incentive programs often aids your workers to remain focused, leading to improved efficiency in your company. If executed properly, your workers can view incentives as a way for the management to appreciate and reward them. Some of the incentives you can add to your company include; development opportunities, financial rewards, and recognition of high-performing workers. Ultimately, such incentives can help you increase organizational efficiency.

6. Provide Employees with More Autonomy

Giving your workers more autonomy over their activities and how they complete them can be a great way to enhance your company’s efficiency. By allowing workers to be in control of their work, they can become creative and innovative. This can help them create a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their work and eventually render them effective in what they do.

7. Invest in Collaboration Tools

Equipping your workers with the right collaboration tools can help improve how they work on a team project to deliver quality results promptly. Besides, collaboration tools often come with video conferencing, calendar, and document sharing tools. Such tools play a great role in the transfer of knowledge, keeping proper schedules, and communication. Therefore, investing in collaboration tools is one of the best ways to enhance your company’s efficiency.

Final Remarks

Increasing the efficiency of your company can appear difficult, particularly when you’re attempting to expand your business. However, by setting SMART goals, outsourcing non-core business processes, embracing technology, and monitoring employee productivity, you can increase your company’s efficiency. 

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