How to Decorate for a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties can be a blast and very memorable for all who are involved but often take some serious planning and preparation. Location, guests, activities, food, and decorations are all important parts of a bachelorette party’s success. While you will still have some planning to do, we have some tips on how to decorate for a bachelorette party that can take some of the brainstorming off of your plate and leave time to focus on the other parts!

Start With a Theme

If you have a theme that you can run with that reflects the bridge’s interests, selecting decorations will be much easier. Is your bride a Disney fanatic? Does she love flowers? Maybe she can’t wait for her honeymoon on a tropical beach. Whatever theme is most fitting for the bride, choose decorations that fit this theme for both fun and consistency. To help in selecting a theme, you can visit a website that lists numerous bachelorette party themes to help spark some ideas such as, 57 Unique Bachelorette Party Themes. Consider choosing a few top themes that are most fitting for the bride and either have her choose the winning theme or take a vote from those involved in the party if you need some extra opinions.

Customize Your Decorations

If you choose to move forward with a themed bachelorette party, many decorations will be easy to choose as they will correspond with that theme but it is important to add a personal touch with customized decorations as well! Most items can be customized easily online but choosing these items to incorporate can be difficult. A large, customized banner to take photos in front of is a great way to add a personal touch to the space and your pictures. Custom LED neon signs have also been a decoration making their way into many bachelorette parties that will help to add to the uniqueness and fun of the decor. A sign like this and many other items can be customized to display a short phrase related to the bachelorette party or the bride’s name or future last name. Make sure to order items like these in advance to ensure they will be ready in time to be on display at the event.

Include Props for Photos that Double as Decorations

A typical bachelorette party will result in many, many photos taken over the course of the event. You can liven up these photos with props and these props can also double as decorations! These items can be placed around the main area of the bachelorette party for guests to use throughout in pictures and for fun but will also help to decorate the space. Here is a list of 12 props that can be included for these dual-purpose decorations:

  • Hats
  • Crowns
  • Sashes
  • Fun Glasses
  • Leis
  • Speech Bubbles
  • Mustaches
  • Custom Frames
  • Masks
  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Wigs

Utilize Party Favors

Just like photo props, party favors can serve a dual purpose at a bachelorette party! Construct a party favor table to display these items on or place them throughout the space for some added appeal to your decorations. Visually appealing gift bags that match the theme of the event can be a great way to show appreciation for your guests while adding some color and flair to the space. Customized or themed tumblers, wine or champagne glasses, and shirts for each guest can also be placed on display to serve a similar purpose. Pro-tip, using party favors as decorations that guests will take with them when they leave will also help to reduce the amount of clean-up needed when the bachelorette party is over!

As long as when decorating for a bachelorette party, the bride’s preferences are taken into account, you are set for success! When beginning to plan decorations, remember to start with a theme that the bride will like, and from there, add some customized items to personalize the party for her special, memorable day. Add a cool neon light, some props, and party favors and the bachelorette party decorations will be perfect.

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