How To Use Coconut Sugar In Your Recipes?

Coconut Sugar In Recipes

The summer season is here and it’s a time to lighten up your favorite sweet recipes with great flavor and taste. Here, sugar has a major role in your pantry.

Well, if you are sweet-toothed and want to eat something healthy, coconut sugar is what you need! This unrefined sugar is the healthiest alternative to refined sugar because of its low glycemic index. Plus, it has few carbs and more minerals, making the food nutritious.

Being a great substitute, it is easy to add to your baking recipes. Here are some of the few ways that we will be listing in this guide. Read on!

Top Ways To Add Coconut Sugar To Your Several Recipes

There are several ways to add coconut sugar and bake your favorite tasty treats. Let’s discuss them:

Coconut Sugar Cookies

Who would not enjoy having cookies? Well, it is one of the simple and easy-to-bake desserts that you can have with your tea at any time. The mix is prepared using butter, vanilla, coconut sugar, and egg. Adding such tasty sweetener makes the cookies tastier than they do taste with normal white sugar!

Chewy, nutty, and soft, the cookies are perfect to enjoy with your favorite beverage. Isn’t it Yum?

Coconut Flour Banana Bread

Well, coconut flour banana bread is so appetizing that you can enjoy it any time of the day! The best part of this yummy treat is that it is gluten-free and dairy-free, a perfect alternative to white bread.

When coconut sugar is added, it adds a fine touch of sweetness. As its baking recipes use coconut flour which is highly absorbent, you might need to eat many eggs. Most importantly, it is a healthier option as each slice of the bread is packed with a sufficient amount of protein. Just dip it in the cup of tea and enjoy every bite!

Coconut Sugar Banana Sheet Cake

Just have one bite of coconut sugar banana sheet cake and your taste buds will melt up. Indeed, coconut sugar is a new pantry staple for many baking recipes! The toasty flavor of this nutritious sweetener pairs well with the taste of the bananas.

Caramel frosting prepared using this sweetener gives the final touch to such a beautiful and appetizing cake. Not only this caramel is spread across the top but also stuffed between two sponges. Isn’t it mouthwatering!

Quinoa Flour Cookies

Looking for some gluten-free treats? Bake the delicious quinoa flour cookies using coconut sugar and many healthier ingredients. This nutritious sugar adds sweetness, making them much more appetizing. On the other hand, quinoa flour brings a nutty flavor to the cookies.

Loaded with fibers, protein, and many other nutrients, these cookies are the healthiest sweet treat for you! Just dip them in a cup of hot tea and gulp it up!

Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake

Want to enjoy something sweet as a tasty evening snack? Go for lemon blueberry coffee cake! It is topped with blueberries and crowned with crunchy and sweet crumbs. The topping is a mix of coconut sugar, flour, and butter.

Additionally, drizzling tart lemon glaze adds a pleasant flavor. If you want, you can sprinkle powdered coconut sugar on top.

Yummy Cheesecake

There is something about the slice of cheesecake that you just can’t resist. And you can enjoy this light treat anytime. Basically, it is creamy with a crunchy base and absolutely sweet because of the addition of coconut sugar.

This is a delicious treat option to go for if you are vegan and prefer gluten-free food. The filling is full of vegan cream, cheese, coconut cream, and cashews. Moreover, the cake has the topping of an almond-oat crust.

Gluten-Free Pecan Pie

This organic sweetener uses healthier alternatives than white sugar when it comes to baking gluten-free pecan pie. It brings a delicious sweet taste that is not overly. Moreover, the ingredients used are totally dairy-free, soy-free, and corn syrup-free, making it the healthiest treat for evening snacks.

Maple syrup is used for adding deep flavors instead of corn syrup. The other fact about this pie is that it is low in calories and perfect for you if on dietary restrictions.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is nothing more satisfying than homemade chocolate chip cookies to enjoy as an evening snack! These mouthwatering treats just easily melt in your mouth and the most amazing fact is they are completely vegan.

For baking the chocolate chip cookies, coconut oil is used instead of butter. And, when paired with coconut sugar, their taste is enhanced with more flavors.

Paleo Brownies

Being on a diet does not necessarily mean you should resist eating sweet treats. If you have a sweet tooth and are health-conscious as well, Paleo brownies are the best option. Typically, its preparation ingredients include coconut flour, coconut sugar, and almond flour.

Also, the brownies are totally dairy-free and grain-free. They are chewy and fudgy with a crunchy top, really very delectable.  Thus, a perfect treat to enjoy if you are intolerant to milk and nuts.

Yummy Pumpkin Bread

There can be no better way to welcome the winter season than with slices of such a yummy treat! Bake the yummy pumpkin bread with wonderful flavors. It is packed with the richness of pumpkin and warm spices.

Moreover, the topping of coconut sugar and cinnamon power brings the final touch, making the bread more scrumptious. Just pair it with a hot cup of tea on chilly winter mornings.

Wrapping Up

Now you have a clear idea of how to use such a nutritious sweetener in your different baking recipes. Being a great sweetener alternative, not only does it enrich your favorite treats with sweetness but also with several minerals and good vitamins.

So, for preparing appetizing dishes, purchase top-quality coconut sugar. With good taste, it will also maintain good health.