As a teacher, it is your duty to provide the complete knowledge to your students in the best possible way. They should find learning interest in and love the way you impart the education to them. But whether it is a physical classroom or the virtual lectures, it has become very challenging to grasp the attention of today’s students for long time. Well, when you teach online, though you are using one of the best privileges of technology in the educational world, you are facing more challenges than a teacher that teaches in a physical classroom to students. These issues are no doubt impacting your student’s education and their overall results, but you can easily overcome them with the help of some solutions that we have listed below.

The challenge of maintaining the student’s interest for long —

The biggest problem you face when you teach online is maintaining the student’s interest in the class for long. You might start the lecture with a great active class, but in between the lecture, you feel that many of the students are yawning or dozing off! It happens because you are only supposedly present in front of your students and not actually there. This obviously leads to poor concentration, bad results and many students skipping the next lectures or even logging out of the present one. The best solution to this is to keep your lectures short, try storytelling method to grab the interest of your students and give regular breaks in between. If you do so, it prevents the boredom in the classroom and your students like participating in the classes.

Lots of absences —

Another challenge many tutors face when they teach onlineis the increased number of absences in the classes. The students intentionally skip the classes us they have the convenience of pre-recorded lectures to refer or they don’t think that online lectures are as important as the offline ones. The solution here is to be a little firm with your students and command them for attending the lectures regularly. You can even stop their access to the recorded lectures after missing a certain amount of lectures to make them attend the classes regularly.

Lack of proper communication in the classes —

Many online tutors feel that they face a very passive ambience in the virtual classrooms. There is always a lack of participation and communication from the students which gives them a faint idea whether the students understood the subject or not. You can overcome this easily by commanding your students to keep the camera on during the lecture. Also, you can try maintaining an active environment in the class by engaging the students more through questions and puzzles. You can even let the students put forward their point of view on various topics and encourage them to talk more in the class.

Lack of technical knowledge —

If you are an online tutor, you might often be confused on how to address some technical problems that appear on the portal you are using. The best solution for this is to use a teaching app that is very easy to access and understand. There are various teaching applications which are very simple to use both for the students and the teachers and this really helps for the mentors to skip the different problems that happen due to advanced technical issues in the applications while they are teaching the classes.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.