How to stop procrastination – Best proven solutions

best solutions to stop procrastination

A lot of people love to procrastination. In that way, they can spend a lot of free time. So, first of all, you have to understand about this is a completely normal situation. Even successful people try to procrastinate about their work and get some fun at that time.

We think to stay without doing any works more than think about working. So you have to stop thinking yourself as a lazy person or a miserable one because you will never overcome procrastination until you stop thinking like that.

So let’s find the best solutions to stop procrastination.

Create To-Do List

The workload is one of the main reasons for procrastination. You will not have an idea when you have a lot of work to do within one day. So you have to understand you will never complete all of this work at one day. Only you can do one work at a time.

So you have to create a to-do list and prioritize your works when you start your day. This method will help you to spend a productive day.

Add four high priority works to your list that you should complete within the end of the day. After that, you can add low priority works to the list. It will help you to understand the tasks which you need to complete and manage your time.

Also, you can chunk those works to small parts. It will help you to reduce the workload and focus right work at the right time.

As example,

If your to-do list has a time called “complete a lesson”. So you can chunk that lesson to small parts. You can do it like this,

  • Grab all the resources you need to complete that lesson.
  • Categorize lessons and study one by one.
  • Note down the valuable information.

So after you chunk your work like that you have to complete them one by one.

Avoid Distractions

You have to avoid all distractions when you start your works. Most importantly avoid digital distractions like social media, games, or check your phone. Stopping those things will help you to focus on your tasks.

If you addicted to your mobile phone, you could turn it off. If you addicted to playing games, you could go away from the game console. Go outside of your home and start work on those places. That is the best way.

You will not be able to do any work if your environment has distractions. Try to avoid those distractions as you can. Then you will stop procrastination and focus your work. This way is a proven and successful method.

Apply Two Minutes Rule.

You may do all the above steps, but still, you are not feeling to do your work. Think to do it for two minutes. And start with the smallest work that you will able to finish it without adding more energy.

As example,

If you try to complete the lesson, the easiest part is, grab the books or resources that you need to complete your task.

The hardest part is starting the will be easy to complete after you start it. This tip is the best tricks that you can apply if you don’t like to start any work.

Those are the best ways you can do to stop procrastination. Apply those tips to your work. You will able to overcome procrastination within no time.

Thank you for reading. If you have any kind of questions, feel free to comment below.

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