How to setup 123 HP printer wireless

123 hp com setup

The HP printers have been doing a commendable job since the very start or since the establishment of the very brand. They have never disappointed their users in terms of working or efficiency. It also provides you with the official assistance that is present 24/7 and you may get in contact with the HP executives or the 123 hp com setup customer number that is present on their website.

The HP printers come in great quality but the only issue that the users might face is regarding how to set up HP printer wireless. Everything that comes along with HP is of top quality and allows you to work in an easy yet effective manner. But sometimes the HP printer setup could cause problems if the users are not well aware of the technology or the HP printer that they are using.

In order to set up printer wireless, you can start by downloading and installing the HP printer drivers and once you download printer drivers it would be easy to carry on or start with the printing process. For the process of how to download printer drivers, you may look at the steps given below.

  • Search for the HP official website online on Google or any other internet provider.
  • Write the model number of your HP printer which would further provide you the most compatible and updated printer drivers for download and installation.
  • Once you find the appropriate printer driver you may click on the button named download.
  • Now press on the file option that has been downloaded and process the run command followed by a set of instructions that are mentioned on your screen.
  • Do all the above steps and the HP printer drivers would be downloaded on your HP printer making it easy to access and employ yours for several print commands.

The next thing that you would have to do in order to proceed with the HP printer setup is to connect the HP printer that you are using to the router which provides a stable network connection. For the same, you may follow the steps and instructions given below.

  1. Turn the power on of the HP printer that you are using and click on the ‘setup’ option that is shown on the printer screen.
  2. Among the options that are now shown you need to select the ‘network’ alternative in the menu section.
  3. Now you need to click on the option named ‘wireless network setup wizard’ once you reach the ‘network menu’ section.
  4. The HP printer that you are using will now start the search and detection of all the wireless routers or devices that are present nearby.
  5. Click on the name of your router from the list that is shown. When asked enter the password for your router to connect securely and then click on the ok button in order to confirm. You need to press the ok button once more in order to print a wireless test sample.
  6. The entire procedure of setup printer wireless has been completed successfully and you may confirm the same by again giving a print command as you wish.

In case you want to specifically connect your HP wireless printer to a windows device with the HP printer setup methods you may follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully.

  1. The very first step remains the same, that is to turn on your HP wireless printer and press the power button for the same.
  2. Now follow the previously explained steps in order to connect your printer with the router that provides a network to your HP printer.
  3. Search for the “” website on your device and download the compatible HP printer drivers which are suitable for the model number that you own. In case you do not know the process of how to download printer drivers on the HP printers you may scroll up to this article and follow the previously mentioned steps for the download and installation of printer drivers.
  4. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed your HP printer drivers you need to search for the control panel on your windows device by typing the same in the search bar.
  5. A list of options would appear on your screen. Select the ‘devices and printers’ option amongst all of them and move to the next window.
  6. Now you may click on the option that says ‘add printer’ which would possibly be present on the top right section of your Windows ‘printers and drivers’ screen.
  7. A list of all the printers and devices would be shown on the screen amongst which you need to click on the HP printer that you are using or the one that you wish to connect to. Press on the same and wait for a few seconds to allow your Windows device to process the HP printer setup.

The entire HP printer setup process is now successfully done and you may start printing the desired documents and files. In case you are not aware of something related to your HP printer or face issues with the above-mentioned steps you may contact the professional executives on the HP official website or get in contact with them through the HP customer care number.

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