Why you should choose live Guitar Classes from Music Pandit?

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  If you are a person who is quite interested in playing an instrument, then playing a guitar is a great choice. Besides being an instrument that gives fun, playing the guitar has many added benefits that are very important in life.

 First, playing the guitar helps one to appreciate the fullness of music. If one loves listening to a variety of songs, then it is very useful in knowing how to play the same on a guitar. In this way, one is exposed to various kinds of songs and music, and naturally one will appreciate the fullness of music.

 Second, playing the guitar increases one’s confidence and teaches one to be disciplined enough. Whether you are playing the guitar through an online website or learning it through a professional teacher, playing the guitar is not an easy task for sure. However, practicing regularly makes one perfect and increases confidence not just in playing the guitar, but in doing other tasks in life too.

Besides, the hard work involved in learning to play the guitar suitably helps one in learning the art of discipline and time management. Once you begin to play the guitar and regularly do your practice, you become more comfortable with the instrument. There is no other way to instil discipline in your life than to play the guitar.  

  Third, playing the guitar helps in learning the unique art of multitasking. Multi-tasking is a key element of life in these modern times in which we live. When one learns to play this instrument, it is necessary to play the chords with one hand, and on the other hand, one has to strum the strings. All this happens at the same time and at the same place. In this way, in the process of successfully playing the guitar, one learns the unique art of multitasking. Over the course of time, you will naturally be very comfortable with multi- tasking.

 Fourth, learning to play the guitar helps enormously with health benefits. Playing the guitar helps in co-ordinating the eyes as well as hands, helping in brain movements, as well as reducing the stress in the brain. Besides, playing the guitar also increases productivity and helps in combating loneliness.

Besides, at a time when therapy is gaining ground throughout the world, the importance of playing the guitar is all the more increasing, since playing the guitar is a good therapy in itself. As Clark Vogeler of The Toadies says, “If I’m having troubles, or something has stressed me out, playing music on a guitar resets me to zero, calms me down, and puts me in a place where I’m ready and able to deal with almost anything.”

Fifth, playing the guitar constitutes for a good exercise for the brain. It helps in improving the memory as well as concentration of one’s self. Learning to play the guitar is an important way of improving one’s memory. Listening and even playing the guitar helps in activating the entire brain and its cells, thereby improving the overall functions of the brain. As you repeat the same music lessons again and again, you will also improve the cognitive skills and actively focus on memorising your lessons effectively.  

  Lastly, playing the guitar enhances one’s own creativity to a great extent. One of the key benefits of playing the guitar, unlike any other musical instrument is that it is a very creative process. There are no short- cuts or easy methods. Picking up a guitar and playing it gives one ample space in the brain, in order to think of good ideas. Playing the guitar helps one reconnect the creativity. And being creative is very good not just in your musical life, but also in your career or professional life. The creativity involved in playing guitar is a very essential skill that is required. 

 Therefore, Guitar classes are a good option for any learner. It provides enormous benefits, as well as enhances the overall learning process.  

 With Music Pandit offering 1- On-1 Personalised Guitar classes, along with 24/7 access to lessons, there is no other better option. Besides, Guitar classes start at Rs. 500/-

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