How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List During a Pandemic

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Gift-giving and showing your loved ones you care is something that is never canceled by any means. With online shopping, you can find amazing Perfect gift for your favorite people without any issues— and VoucherCodes UAE is here to help you find all the best coupon codes to do so!

This year, the whole world changed forever when a global pandemic caused international lockdowns, travel bans, shuttered shops and restaurants, unemployment, and restrictions over how much we can see our loved ones. For many, it felt like everything was canceled. However, that is not the truth at all. Despite the changes in our lives, life is continuing to happen. With a blink of an eye, we are already approaching the end of the year. It can feel hard to believe, but it’s true: the holiday season is still happening, and it’s coming soon— even if many of us are feeling far from festive. 

The truth is, even those of us who usually have everything purchased and wrapped by December 1st might find themselves to be a little behind on holiday shopping this year. No judgment here— as we mentioned— 2020 has not been normal at all! However, we might be able to help you out. See, here at VoucherCodes UAE, finding all the best bargains in the online shopping world is our “thing.” We collect all the best coupon codes and online discount vouchers in the Middle East and North Africa and collate them into one handy spot, so you can get all your shopping needs sorted out without any stress or worry. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about any special deals going at the moment— we’re your online shopping secret!

If your gift buying game feels a bit off this year, not to worry. We’ve created our pandemic proof holiday shopping guide for 2020, so you don’t need to add any more stress to your already hectic year. Check it out!

The Perfect Gift For…


Back in the day, travelers were some of the easiest people to buy presents for. We’ve given our globetrotting friends city guides, cool luggage, hotel coupon codes, and gift certificates to destination restaurants and entertainment complexes for the holidays for years. This year, we had to think outside the box— after all, they won’t get much use out of a custom neck pillow or a universal wall socket kit any time soon. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t evoke the spirit of travel and adventure in their gift. Why not try some of the following: 

  • A Virtual Language Course

Your little brother was supposed to spend a year studying in Paris— but the pandemic has left him still living at home with your parents. Signing him up for a French language course is a great way to bring that experience to him and prepare him for the day he does finally get to visit.

  • An Album of Their Travels

Normally, your parents go away every winter. This year, they can’t— so order some snaps from their previous travels and make them a beautiful album to enjoy and reminisce! 

  • A Vacation Themed Gift Basket

Your best friend is dreaming of a trip to Hawaii— give her a taste of it by curating a special Perfect gift hamper with tropical scented soaps or candles, themed snacks, and a book set on the shores of Maui. It’ll transport her right to Hawaii— no flight required.


Sure, this year, your food-obsessed family and friends won’t be dining at so many restaurants or cafes. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy world-class gastronomic delights this festive season.  With the help of online shopping, your foodie friends can enjoy:

  • Restaurant Food at Home

Services like Deliveroo have made it very possible to enjoy a fantastic meal at home without any cooking or dishes to do— and we have a few exclusive coupon codes to help  you get way more bang for your buck.

  • A Special Cookbook

Whatever type of food your gastronomically-inclined friend may prefer, there’s bound to be a beautiful cookbook dedicated to that cuisine. Try using our Amazon daily deals to score a bargain!

  • A Remote Cooking Class

Thanks to social media, enterprising cooks worldwide have been able to produce their own virtual cooking classes. Signing your loved ones up for a session is an excellent way for them to learn new things as well as “meet” a new friend who also loves food.

Film Buffs:

Unfortunately, trips to the cinema aren’t such a popular choice these days.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make a film lover smile when they open your present.  This year, try giving them one of these for a change: 

  • Cool Speakers

Turn a living room into a cinema by giving your AV-oriented friend a set of high-quality speakers. It’ll make a huge difference to their viewing experience.

  • A “Cameo”

Cameo is an app that allows users to purchase personalized celebrity videos for their loved ones— and there are lots of big-name film stars on there! It’s an extraordinary Perfect gift for anyone who loves entertainment.

  • A Streaming Subscription

Ensure your movie buff friend has all the watching options possible by giving them a subscription to a streaming service. 


Fashion is another thing on our list that is far from canceled. Thanks to online shopping, there are still plenty of chances for the clothes-lovers in your life to wear their favorite threads, as well as enjoy some new ones. With these Perfect gifts, they can look sharp for a Zoom meeting or lecture, a walk through the park, or even a visit to the grocery store.

  • An Online Shopping Gift Voucher

Plenty of your favorite clothing stores offer online shopping, from Bloomingdales to 6th Street. You can order a gift voucher for your most fashionable friend and let them choose their wardrobe— on you. Easy! 

  • Cozy Winter Clothes

If there’s a clothing brand that knows winter, it’s H&M— after all, they were born in Sweden! Use our online discounts to pick out some cozy clothes for your favorite people online— they’ll be able to enjoy it all winter long. 

  • A Beauty Basket

With stores like Sephora offering special coupon codes, there’s no better time to make a beauty-themed gift basket for your favorite makeup and nail polish lover. 


Whether you’re getting presents for your very own little ones, nieces and nephews, grandkids, or a friend’s child, there’s one Perfect gift that reigns: TOYS! We have quite a few toy options for you this year. We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive Toys R Us coupon codes, which can be used for online shopping, making it a pandemic-friendly way to thrill the kids in your life. 

Phew! After all that online shopping for loved ones, it’s time to treat yourself. Be sure to browse VoucherCodes UAE to see all of our massive selection of seasonal coupon codes and online discounts— you’re bound to find something you love at a great price. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop— we are continually updating our master list of coupons, vouchers, and codes. After all, shopping is always better when you find a bargain. We’re here to make that happen.

Happy (online) shopping, stay safe, and enjoy your holidays!

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