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When we get trapped in the northern hemisphere in the spring, many have thoughts to use the sanitizer, and this is not a bad idea for your WordPress site. If you are running it in a short time, it might be able to use proper hygiene. Below we will go to several ways that will allow you to clean your site and optimize it. You should back up before these solutions come in. You never know that anything can be critical. There are many backup solutions including backing up your site from your WP admin area or backing up from your server.

Please note: A number of the following plugins should not be used by intuitive users. If you do not really know what plugins are doing or how it can affect things, then it is best to take WordPress Help from WP Experts.

Manual Actions

We will suggest many plugins, but we will start with some manual actions you can take.

*Delete unwanted/unused plugins

*Delete unwanted/unused themes

2. Hide Unused Short codes

If you have ever used a plugin with a shortcut and then stopped using that plugin or may have crash it, then you may have terrible shortcuts on your site. Android is an unwanted Short codes plugin that can help you with that. As the name implies, this plugin only hides your shortcuts, it does not delete them. There are several reasons that you want to hide them instead of deleting them. Deleting them “can cause dangerous are database queries because the plugin” says the author. If you have ever decided to start using your plugin again, you can easily get your shortcut back.

3. Delete Old Post Revisions

By deleting old versions of posts, you can cut your database size a little. While it is said that there is no real effect on your site speed and can be accessed only in the backend, at least the size of your database should work with it as it does Backing up, revolving around, etc. There are many plugins that will erase old revisions. I found the RVG compatible database plugin convenient because it provides some options that others have not given, as you allow certain modifications if you want to. You’ve run this plug-in after running another “revision delivery” plugin, and did not claim to have found it again. In one test, another plugin claimed that we do not have any modifications.

This plugin claims that we had too many and it has been deleted. Of course we were certain that we had some improvements, and that’s why I’m going with this one. This plugin adjusts your database after removing your old revision. It also tells you some statistics about what happened.

4. Remove Unused Media

The image cleaning plugin will help you recognize unwanted pictures on your site and then delete them. Over time you may end up with unused and non-reference images. One of the best aspects of this plugin is that it’s not all-or-nothing; you should not choose to delete files for which you have questions. You can take them to a temporary place and then decide later if you want to delete anything. If you need to restore them, then you can do the same.

5. Remove Unused Tags

Some people will be surprised to see that they have not used unused tags on their site. It’s easy to find out if you do. Simply go to Mail> Tags> Sort the tags of their linked posts by going to the column on their right and clicking on “Posts”. Of course if you have some, you can delete them yourself. But if you have a situation in which you have removed or deleted too many posts, then you may have a lot to do. If you have a lot of things, then you can easily remove ignored tag plugins. This one will get rid of all those clicks.

6. Delete Pending Comments – Spam

If you have ever left your site for a while, or you have closed your comments and did not pay attention to them, then you might find that spam can be added quickly. We’re making thousands of spam comments, easily. Even if you’ve wiped one hundred hundred times at a time, it can be a real pain going through that process.

7. Clean up Database

WP DB Manager allows you to back up and clear your database. To use this plugin, you must have your server used. It takes a few minutes to set up, but after that your items can be set from your site’s manager area. This plugin makes it easy to back up your site, but you can easily leave tables in your database. Further, if you need any help regarding WordPress optimization then, you can take help from experts who provide WordPress Optimization services.

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