Revolutionize the Experience of Your Users with the Glovo App Clone

glovo app clone

In today’s day and age not too many of us really visit the grocery or visit a restaurant to get our favourite meals. An app in general and an on demand delivery app in particular have made this task easier for the customers to a great extent.

Operations of On-Demand Delivery App

Customer taps their smartphone device and thereafter the on demand delivery gets delivered at their doorstep and they are saved from the strenuous efforts of waiting in long lines for their favourite food or their orders.

Apps like Glovo in particular have altogether revolutionized this task for the customers to a great extent.

Following are the newest trends that have revolutionized the food delivery industry:

One tap on-demand delivery

We all have been in this situation lately – busy working professionals have no time to go home and cook. Late-night workings with no or less time on hand for cooking chores, these on-demand food delivery apps like Glovo have revolutionized the ways to order food. Few taps on the phone and you get the piping hot meals delivered right at the doorstep. Merely 30 to 60 minutes and the food is ordered. It is as simple as that.

Several restaurants have integrated with Glovo Clone App and have witnessed a rise in their revenues amidst COVID19 lockdowns. It has soared the popularity of food ordering and delivery by offering convenience and comfort to the professionals unable to cook.

Prior bookings and reservations

By integrating the pre-booking and reservation feature in your Glovo Clone App has revolutionized the way people used to dine in at restaurants. The food delivery app can take up the table reservation, thus minimizing the wait time at the restaurants. This is the most loved feature by the users as nobody wants to wait around hours to eat their favorite meals.

Customized deals

Offering discounts to your regular customers for their orders can be the best way to stay glued to your Glovo Clone App. These are the people who frequently order using your app. Thus, to keep them coming and attract more users it is important to pitch them good deals and slashed prices. Thus customizing deals on their orders will make them happy and satisfied hence, encouraging them to place more food delivery orders.

Round the clock deliveries

Whether it is 7 am you need breakfast or it 2 am cravings you need to satisfy, customizing your Glovo Clone App by offering round-the-clock service can be a huge hit in your region. Furthermore, you can earn more by serving the food at odd hours as people are willing to pay extra to get their favorite food at their convenient time.

Let us discuss a little about the Glovo App

Glovo App

The Glovo App is a famous on demand delivery app mostly used by the customers living in Rustavi, a city located in Georgia.

It delivers the following products to the customers,

Products You Get through Glovo App

  1. Restaurant Orders
  2. Pharmacy Delivery
  3. Supermarket Delivery
  4. Drinks Delivery

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Well yes, the Glovo App delivers all the above mentioned products at the doorstep of the customer.

How app works?

  1. The user first registers into the app using their first name, email address and password or facebook details and then logs into the application.
  2. Next, the user has to add their payment method (credit/debit card) and select the delivery address and choose the product that they want, i.e., food, medicines or drinks, etc.

Note -The user can also add more than one delivery address by placing the order on the website.

Usefulness of Glovo App

  1. Once the user has chosen the product they want delivered, they place the order for the same and get connected to the delivery professionals in the nearest vicinity.
  2. The user can next track the location of the delivery professional and find out the information about their order.
  3. Finally, after the delivery is completed, the user can leave a review for the delivery professional.

Some of the other attributes present in the app are schedule the order for a later period, Glovo Prime to get free deliveries except for couriers.

On-Demand Delivery App A Blessing for Users

Thus, this on demand delivery app is nothing more than a blessing in disguise for the users as it not only helps them get them their orders delivered to their doorstep but also makes it convenient for them to get the order as per their convenience thus allowing them to complete their work in as comfortable a manner as possible.

How Glovo Helped On-Demand Delivery Business

The app helped the on demand delivery business build a brand for themselves along with generate huge commissions through every delivery which in turn has propelled many new on demand delivery businesses that are nascent and are experienced to build their own on demand delivery app, the Glovo App Clone.

So, as an entrepreneur who wants to take your on demand delivery business to new heights with your own on demand delivery app, the Glovo App Clone, it is important that you keep the following attributes present in your app.

Attributes to be Present in an Ideal Glovo App Clone

  1. 100% Responsive so that users can use your app from multiple platforms like android, iPhone, iOS, tablet, laptop, etc.
  2. 100% Licensed Source Code in compliance with ethical app development so that you as the owner of the on demand delivery app can make modifications and customizations as per the changing needs and requirements of your business and your users
  3. Multiple Languages and Multiple Currencies Integration so that your users and you as the app owner can use/ operate the app in their/ your local language and local currency
  4. Multiple Payment Options (cash/ card/ wallet) to make payments convenient for users
  5. Advanced Reports to observe your earnings, its breakdown as well as areas that require more attention
  6. Bug Free so that the app does not crash along the way

So become a titan in the race of a successful on demand delivery app and build your own Glovo App Clone to become a rage among users and take your business to an altogether new level.

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