How to Maintain a Neat and Clean Floor in Your House

Sablage de plancher

We crawl on the floor, and our head is spinning, our back hurts, our hands are cracking. This was before, with a classic floor cloth. With the modern approach to cleaning, everything has changed – you can wash the floor quickly, efficiently and happily! In this article, we will discuss some effective home floor cleaning solutions. However, we would like to share a very good quality floor sanding service, Sablage de plancher to renew the old floor in your house.

Let’s learn some tips to keep the floor more neat and clean.

Cleaning floors

Prepare first

Plan for yourself the following procedure: it is correct to first dust off the furniture, and then (if not immediately, then the next day) to wash the floors so that the dust no longer falls on them – it will be completely clean. Remove the scattered items immediately before cleaning the floors.

To achieve the best result and for convenience, it would be good to remove chairs, stools, flower pots, floor lamps and other light items in another room, kitchen or higher from the floor.

Stage one: preparation

Before wet cleaning a room or kitchen, dry the floor properly. It will clean the floor of dust, debris, hair and allow wet cleaning to do its job better. In small rooms, dry vacuuming can be done, but in large apartments and houses we recommend using exclusively the dastmop. The professional kit includes a dump pop, a flounder (holder for the nozzle) and a handle for the holder. The collapsible design and the length of the handle are very convenient to use.

Second step: washing

After dry cleaning, proceed to wet cleaning. First, let’s define the tools. To quickly, cleanly and without streaks wash the floor in an apartment or house, we recommend using a professional wet cleaning kit. Moreover, the professional set is suitable for any floor – whether it be parquet, linoleum, laminate or ceramic tiles, in a room, bathroom or kitchen. Includes flat mop, flat mop holder, holder handle and wringer bucket. There are many modern options for mops, but the flat mop allows you to clean the floor cleanly, quickly and without streaks.

So, a mop with a sponge is good for tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, but not suitable for finishes that are afraid of being too wet and uneven. In addition, if there is dry dirt on the floor, stains will remain from the sponge. A rope mop is suitable for painted floors, but not suitable for wooden and marble floors, since cotton ropes absorb a lot of moisture, which is detrimental to expensive finishes, and cannot be squeezed out to the maximum.

A microfiber mop is used on all floors except parquet. The minus of the mop is that it is impossible for it to wash the baseboards and that the nozzle has to be constantly cleaned. The butterfly mop belongs to professional tools and washes quite effectively and cleanly, but there is a large deficit with replaceable nozzles for it. A flat mop with a squeezing bucket remains a universal tool.

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