How to Learn Personal Sailing?

Personal Sailing

Have you always been longing for the sea, and want to learn sailing techniques? In the future, if you have money, you can buy a sailing boat yourself. If you are in the United States and are still interested in sailing, you must learn and start doing it as the life is very small. Otherwise, it would be a pity that such good resources and interests were wasted. American boating culture is too popular. I live in Seattle by myself. I started learning sailing two years ago and now I get the Bareboat Cruising certificate from US Sailing. You can learn more about the extreme sailing experiences by navigating to

Usually, if people have time, they will rent a big sailing boat. If there is no people or no time, they will set up sailing dingy (sailing dingy) on the lake. Big boats and small boats are very fun, sometimes I think that small boats are more fun and require personal skills and are more enjoyable. Boats are also cheap, usually renting for 30-40 yuan an hour, and many places offer discounts for students.

How to Practically Start a Sailor Training?

The first step to getting started with sailing is to go to class and get a certificate. Many Americans have actually played sailing boats with their parents and friends since they were young. Although they have never attended classes, they have the basic skills of sailing. It’s like many Americans just drive with their parents’ car when they learn to drive, and it’s just two laps, so few people go to driving school.

However, the U.S. can take the driver’s license directly without attending a driving school, but the sailing certificate can only be obtained after the course. So many Americans later went to make up sailing lessons. If you don’t have a certificate, people won’t rent a boat to you.

Generally speaking, ASA courses are shorter and cheaper, while US Sailing courses are longer, more expensive and more content. However, both are recognized internationally. It is possible to charter a boat in the Caribbean with the certificate of ASA and the certificate of US Sailing.

Simply put, the ability levels that these three levels can reach are:

  • Basic Keelboat: You can rent a sailboat under 30 feet, only for a single day
  • Basic Cruising: 30-45 feet boats can be rented, only for a single day
  • Bareboat Cruising: 30-45 feet boats can be rented for multiple days

Most people have learned the best when they learn the BBC, because they can go to the Caribbean Sea to rent a boat to drive by themselves, hang around among the nearby islands, play for a week, or rent a cruiser at Windworks for a week, Drive to San Juan Islands to watch whales.

If you want to drive to Fiji or Tahiti, or go to BVI to buy a sail-away boat and drive back to Seattle by yourself, you have to learn Coastal Navigation and Passage Making and become a blue water sailor.

We hope the information I have mentioned in this article was helpful and relevant.

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