How to Fix a Garage Roof Leak?

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What is the best way to fix a cooperative garage roof leak from the inexpensive options? Is it worth raising the roof level by 2 bricks to compare in height with a neighbor?

In this case, nothing can be done. Even if you put a piece of roofing material partially on the neighboring roof, the rain will find a path.

In this case, your roof is lower in level with the neighboring one, of course, if you make repairs it is better to equalize the levels, then the answer is unequivocal, otherwise all the water from the neighbors will be forever on your territory. You can also ask for help from Roof repair Long Island to get your roof repaired by the professionals at an affordable price.

At the beginning, you need to decide what kind of roof it is, pitched or flat, what kind of roofing material is laid, because they are repaired in different ways.

Next, determine the degree of damage, with significant damage, the roofing material, either partially or completely changes.

For Minor Damage, You Can Install Patches

If this is a roofing felt flat roof and the damage is not large, then you can purchase hot-applied bitumen mastic, or universal.

We clean the surface from dust and dirt, according to the instructions, heat up the mastic and apply it to the damaged area (with a brush, roller, spatula), after drying there will be no leakage.

The second option, you can put a patch from the same roofing material, include in the preparation the removal of the upper powder layer of roofing material, and everything else is the same.

The patch is cut out larger in size than the damaged area (approximately 100 mm around the perimeter), then the same bituminous mastic and at the finish they applied a patch and rolled it with a roller (pressed down), we also coat the edges of the roofing material with mastic.

The easiest option is to fill the roof with bituminous mastic. Heat the bitumen well in a metal can or bucket. Next, pour the first layer over the leaky area. After the first layer, fill in the second layer, but at a larger radius than the first time. To prevent this from happening in another place, pour bitumen over the entire roof with a layer thickness of about 1.5 – 2 centimeters. Agree, this is much easier than laying a second layer of roofing material and smearing the seams. And the price will be about the same. Then pour water on the roof for whole days, nothing will happen to the bitumen. He is not afraid of the cold, not the heat.

Basically, in old cooperative garages, the roof is flat, made of floor slabs and covered with roofing felt or other roll material. Roofing material quickly deteriorates, the roof begins to leak.

Clean the roof of dirt, old coating, dust. Apply a primer coat (petrol + bitumen) to the entire roof surface. Pay particular attention to cracks and seal them carefully. When the sealant is dry, you can lay the new roofing material in three layers. Each layer is spilled with a layer of bitumen. Roofing material is laid with an overlap and entering the adjacent roofs of garages.

Now there is a large selection of new generation rolled bitumen coatings, which are more practical and durable.

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