6 Steps to follow whilst creating a Wikipedia page

Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is an important site that ranks high in search engines; making it useful for marketing purposes especially. It is a massive living and breathing encyclopedia that is at a constant growth all due to the help of its users. Topics ranging from bands to history and everything else that you might require have been provided over there. 

In case you don’t have a Wikipedia page already then you need to look into certain factors and if you fall under those then you definitely need to create a Wikipedia page. 

  • If you have a piece of information that stands out from the rest and has not yet been known by many then it deserves a Wikipedia page. And the given site is probably the best platform for content to get recognized at. 
  • In case you are working with someone who’s sought after notable causes and has made an influence in the society then that person requires a Wikipedia page, given that there’s enough sources to back them up for notability. 
  • You are looking for information regarding a topic that is not yet available on Wikipedia then that is the green signal for you to get going and create one yourself. 

6 steps to creating a Wikipedia page

The steps given below provide a concise guidance on how a Wikipedia page should be laid out; it is often used by several Wikipedia page writers who professionally write content for Wikipedia. 

In depth research: 

It is very important to get yourself accustomed with the community guidelines that have been provided regarding methods and ways the site works. It will assist you at creating content that has low chances of being rejected and deleted afterwards. Wikipedia uses a standardized procedure for the content that is present on the site, making it more acceptable for people throughout the globe.

And that is enabled due to factual information being used in the content that forms a neutral point of view; you too can do that by informing yourself with all the required information there is on the topic that your content is going to be based on. This also includes the use of proper language and terms. 

Making an account:

You will be required to make yourself a registered account on the site, without an account you will not be granted access into sties internal platform which deals with publication and editing. It is advised to use your authenticated email address and actual name for the account to keep things more organized. 


It’s always good to know the work that you’re supposed to do beforehand, helps you do it more flawlessly. Therefore by starting small you will be testing your skills and giving yourself a chance to improve the grey areas that lack in your skills. You can start off with pages that you are already familiar with. By making minor edits to the content rather than forming a new one from the scratch on your first try, you’ll be able to polish your skills thoroughly.

By going through this you will familiarize yourself with the contents management and how guidelines are implemented within the site. With sufficient experience on Wikipedia, you can even receive an auto confirmation that allows users to access functions that are restricted to certain titles. 

Exhibiting sources: 

Whilst going through sources that will provide you with the required information regarding the topic of your content, make sure to save those as you might be needing them for citations and linkages in your final piece. Even if your content is based on noteworthy topic or person, without a third party coverage that may either come from publications, media or sites; your content will not be able to pass through. Another crucial part to keep in mind is that the facts you provide within your content are to the point and neutral without taking any sides. You can include images as well to make your content more credible and equipped, as long as they are not subjected to copyrighting issues. 

Submitting for review: 

The last step of all is to submit your content for reviewing and it has passed that, it will be published on the site. 

By following these steps you can create the epitome of optimized content that stands out on search engine rankings.

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