Technical stacks that you need to use for your application like snapchat


Applications that are similar to snapchat use a wide variety of languages that bring out the best of them. Bootstrap and JavaScript are used for front end development. But others are used too such as Python, Objective-C, PHP and many more. When it comes to cloud hosting, Amazon web service is one of the most popular options and apart from that some use Google compute engine to improve the scalability for the users and arrange overall data accordingly. 

Database management uses NoSQL to handle massive volumes of data in a versatile manner to enhance performance of extensive applications. Analytics is often done by Google Analytics, as it collects data based on content management and marketing to streamline the behavior of the application. 

Marketing and support is done through intense tools to improve the market value of the application for its users. Zendesk customer support is an essential tool that is well known for enabling its users to clarify customer inquiries. So, here are a few technical aspects needed to follow when you plan about how to create an app like snapchat.

Strategies to monetize applications like snapchat

Subsidized stories: 

Promoted stories is one of the new methods that is being used by companies and businesses to advertise their services and products. You can use this for your application and generate revenue through it, it will be a win win situation for both the parties. The brand will get a chance to represent themselves through a public platform and you will get an opportunity to gain money. 

Sponsored lenses:

Brands that advertise on stories through applications like snapchat often use their customized lenses and that allows them to promote their businesses from a different perspective, making their video content more relatable for the users and viewers. 


This method is one of the most used ones, where two different business partner together to display each other on their individual platforms. It is a great opportunity for organizations to grow through each other’s support. Not just that, it increases credibility as well. 

In app purchase: 

Applications like snapchat use this method to provide users with premium features only if they make a purchase on the application. This is favorable for both; it often allows users to replay videos and pictures that have already been seen. Otherwise with the normal feature, the use wouldn’t have been able to go through pictures or videos more than once. 

Premium access: 

Those who hold premium access to the application can gain advanced features on their application and this improves their experience. 

Snapchat Business Model

The best solution is to create a niche platform for the application and make it more accessible in manner to help the business improve itself. You can implement these methods and create something exceptional. Making an application is not easy especially if it has to cater different uses at the same time. Take a stock on all the pros and cons present for the application, even if the application seems perfect; there’s a high chance that it might have downsides to it. Therefore, better to not take any risks and create an application that is as flawless as it can be.

Geo-Filters and Effects (Lenses)

Snapchat is equipped with the ability to create an instant geolocation filter. It helps in providing an avenue for the advertisers to promote their business.

Advertising API

Snapchat provides advertising API that makes it easier for the companies and brand to use a variety of promotional tools.

User Registration

Snapchat provides an easy to register app procedure. You can either sign in using your Gmail account or log in to your Facebook to get started. 

Contact List

Snapchat allows users to synchronize their contact list. They can send them request and follow them back to view their stories and receive messages. 

Effects And Filters

Snapchat is known for its huge variety of filters and effects. It detects the face and apply filter to amuse the users. One can even partner up with a friends to double the fun. The filters can also be added on stories and images you send to your friends. 

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