10 Useful Free WordPress Development Widget Plugins

Widget Plugins

When you use a widget with WordPress then you can work efficiently and conveniently. Many people use it because it provides various functions to users. They help to share the information and also to gain detail from the sources. You can choose many ways to implement the widget in your commercial site.

What Are The 10 WordPress Widgets?

If you are planning to use the widget that comes under budget then go for free. You may think that free is no useful. No, they are also better compared with managed ones. It performs various activities on the site and increases performance in a short time. Now you can install them to your website and operate on Word press Development Services, they are power and incredible tool in the digital market. It is mainly used to enhance the site flexibility and sidebars along with the widget.

1. Content-aware sidebar

When the site displays various sidebars then the customer likes to use regularly. Here you can get such an option. The page, category, and post are the things the visitor likes to view on the site. Creating many sidebars is the advantage of this widget and it is done free of cost. You can also make the schedule sidebar.

2. Widget import and export

Usually, many people like to dislike to create many widgets for various sites. But if you use this you need not have moved to another site.

3. Amr shortcode any widget

It is limited in the sidebar but you can add your widget with any post or page and this is its specialty.

4. Widget CSS classes

It is not easy to operate with this widget. you can get custom CSS classes and ID for the widget if it has an individual sidebar.

5. BE Subpages

If your site has a lot of nesting contain then this is perfect. It helps to display the subpage that comes on the current page.

6. Recent Post Widget with thumbnails

Now many people like to add a recent post with thumbnails. It provides a list of posts available in a visually appealing format. 

7. Contact widget

It is used for linking social media and contact with this widget. Only you need to fill the contact information and display it in the sidebar. 

8. Freedzy RSS feeds lite

It has its RSS widget and provides a robust option. They offer many facilities for the user and easy. It is incredible and powerful compared to the other tool. They support mobile-ready and image feeds to the customer.

9. WP tab widget

Now you can use creatively tabbed than using the horizontal and vertical display. Now many people around in the world choose this for comment, recent and tag widget. It works fast and reliable.

10. Awesome weather widget

You can add weather reports to your site and attract the customer. In the colorful sidebar, the climate and weather are displayed.

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The business people can get more visitors while using a free widget. You can get various feeds and boost them from them on your site. Some widget includes video, image, and audio in WordPress and it is usability is simple. The user can get a sidebar menu from the widget and improve the commercial site.

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