Bird lovers may find it amusing to see birds bloom and beam in their backyard by making birdhouses, offering them spaces for nests and even abundant of food. Whether you love birds or not, these little things are certainly cute and can light up any space with their chirping of course!

What happens when a bird falls sick, dies and is left in the nest for days until discarded or consumed by mites and insects or even vacates the nest with a few signs behind?

The answer to this is completely tormenting; Bird Mites. These pests from hell take over the body of a bird or what it has left behind. They feed on the blood of birds especially the more common ones like chickens, sparrows and pigeons.

Harmful Pests

Since they are small and quite colorless in the beginning, you cannot spot them easily. As soon as they stick to a body and start sucking the blood out of it, only then you can see them getting darker and bigger.

Entrance in House

According to reports, birds’ mites in Toronto have entered the houses through spaces like chimneys and vents but needless to say, these extremely small creatures can easily get in a space and through the tiniest of holes, seeps and cracks.

Upon entrance, they will find another source of food and what is a better source of food than your cat sleeping peacefully on the sofa or your beloved dog who is just too excited to go for a walk.

People who have considered dust mites as their worst enemy have probably not met bird mites yet. While dust mites can be removed and disinfected in one go, you need to clean and clear your space again and again with water, disinfectants and even require professional services to clean them away.

Professional Clean Sweep of Bird Mites

Unlike a bed bugs control programkilling mites is not that easy. For firsts, they are not easy to identify and spot which means that you need to clean each and everything in your home. Many people consider fumigation as the only effective measure for getting rid of bed mites.

Professionals also consider getting rid of these tardy pests quite difficult hence bird mite control programs are planned and developed to deal with worst possible scenarios.

Prevent before precaution

Your Bees control program might not cost you as much as your bird mite disinfecting scheme would. You must keep your pet birds clean and free of allergies while your outdoor buddies also need to be checked every once in a while. Also, make sure to keep your house away from trees but getting rid of unwanted branches leading directly towards the house.

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