Five PDF Management Tools that everyone should have!

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PDF files are one of the most commonly used document formats globally. The reason why PDF files are famous is because of their non-editable (portable) nature. This restriction of editing is considered a pro by many people. However, still, some users find this feature of PDF quite annoying. Just like other document formats, PDF also has some drawbacks. Due to a lack of technology, PDF management was not at all easy in the past. But today, the advancement in technology has made our life easier. 

In this article, we will tell you how tools can help us manage and manipulate PDF files. So if you want to know about the common PDF-related issues and how you can resolve them with tech and tools, you must read this brief article.

Common PDF problems and their solutions with online tools

There are dozens of issues you can face with the PDF format, but here in this section, we have only highlighted the most common ones.


Editing of PDF files with online PDF editor by Adobe 

As we had told you before, it was quite impossible to edit PDF files. You had to type down the entire document again. Today you can easily do it with the help of PDF editor tools. If you have made a mistake in your PDF file or want to add/remove content from it, then instead of writing it again, you just have to choose the best PDF editing resource and improvise your file without much hassle.

Editing PDF files is one of the most common issues users face today. Manual editing of PDF files can take up a lot of your time and effort. You can take help from utilities like adobe acrobat to help you read and edit PDF files. Adobe is the very founder and creator of the PDF file format, which is why it is quite obvious that you would find the best editing solutions from there. 

Merging and Splitting of PDF files with

Another drawback of PDF files is that you cannot manually combine or split them. You can always come across situations where you want to merge different PDF files into one folder for your convenience. Today, merging and splitting PDF files has become very much possible with the help of online tools. Many online tools can help you merge PDF files online and can also help you separate one page or whole set of PDF files. 

Free PDF merger online tools are easy to use and useful, especially if you create documents on a similar topic. You just have to upload multiple PDF files on the tool and combine them into one folder. Some benefits of doing so include:

  • You can easily organize large PDF projects with merger tools.
  • PDF merging helps in the easy sharing of data.
  • Merging PDF files is quite helpful when you have to print your documents in one go.

Compressing large sized PDF files with Smallpdf

The problem of large-size files is the biggest of all. If you end up receiving a large PDF file, then it can be a pain in the ass for you. You cannot open the large file, can’t read it, upload it or share it via any platform. If you have large PDF files that you want to edit or share with your teammates, you must first shrink them down. 


PDF compression was impossible in the past as there was no technology available. But today, there are many sites that are providing compress PDF online free tools to their users. The online PDF compressor tool by Smallpdf is quite easy to use. You just have to navigate it on your browser and input the large PDF files. 

These modern PDF compressor tools offer you two different modes of compressions. The first one is lossy, and the second one is lossless. Lossless compression would reduce the size of your PDF files without damaging their visual quality. In contrast, lossy compression would result in a visible loss in the quality of the file. Compressing PDF files can:

  • Optimize storage space on your local drive.
  • Help you share PDF files with complete ease.
  • Helps you upload files on the web.

Converting PDF files to Docx with DoPDF

Conversion of PDF files is yet another problem that can be avoided with online conversion tools. Here you should know that there are many instances where you have to convert PDF files to Word or any other editable format. 

Usually, clients prefer content to be delivered in the word format. If you have already saved your files in PDF and want to change it back to Word, then you can trust this PDF to word converter online free tool. This PDF converter is free to use and can easily change your PDF files to Word. PDF conversion can easily be done in seconds with these tools.

In the past manual PDF, conversions were made, both time taking and full of human errors. Today you can make error-free conversions with online utilities like do PDF. Some benefits of converting PDF files to Word include:

  • You can easily edit your PDF files for free.
  • Word files require less space than PDFs.
  • Word documents can be freely formatted.

Password Protect PDF files with lock PDF by

You can easily secure your PDF files with online lock PDF tools. It is true that PDF files have a non-editable nature, but still, all recipients can view PDF files and use an online converter or editor tools to extract confidential information from them. You should know that you can easily protect a PDF file with a pass code with online lock PDF tools. You can email the locked PDF file to the specific recipient and private message them the code that would unlock the PDF file.

Once you lock the PDF files, the file’s contents can only be viewed and edited by the person who has the key. 


The management of PDF files was not at all easy in the past. But today thanks to modern technology and online tools, managing and editing PDF has become very easy. Online PDF management tools are available for everyone. You can use these tools without any cost or experience. This is because they are easy to use and extremely helpful. So stop stressing about PDF related problems and start using free PDF tools.

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