Therapies Complementary to PEMF

When it comes to the field of alternative medicine, you will discover that there are many names for therapies, but the most common term is complementary therapy. PEMF therapy is known as complementary therapy. Even though there are ground rules in the medical field, one needs to establish that the standard rule of holistic medicine is that there should be a common goal.

The goal is to treat the whole person, and this is where alternative medicine and conventional medicine differ. The good news is that any natural or alternative therapy can be used with any conventional therapy. Because PEMF therapies work on such a basic level, their effects are always improved with the use of other modalities.

On that note, there is usually good practice in terms of the sequence of use, the time between each application, and the duration of treatment. Below are other complementary therapies to PEMF.

Therapies Complementary to PEMF

#1. Use of Non-Invasive Devices

Complementary therapies such as PEMF devices can reduce your dependence on oral pain medications. The use of portable non-invasive devices like PEMF mats helps to remove the effects of the stress out of the body, preparing your body for sleep. These PEMF mats are safe to use for long periods, even overnight

Another potential alternative to PEMF therapy is the use of a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device. It works by sending small amounts of electrical pulses through electrodes connected to adhesives. They are usually placed on specific parts of the body for an effective result.

#2. Acupuncture

PEMF therapy may be used at the same time that acupuncture is being used, which is why magnetic fields are found to stimulate meridians and acupuncture points. Acupuncture needles are usually stronger in action than magnetic fields and needles with applied current are much stronger. Acupuncture is a good therapeutic method but in cases where the patient is not comfortable with the needles, magnetic field therapy is an excellent alternative.

If a patient wishes to use acupuncture and magnetic field therapy on the same day, it would be best to choose a PEMF therapy first, before going ahead with the acupuncture. The magnetic field therapy will directly start an action on the tissues to rebalance all the cells, while the acupuncture will start with the systemic actions. Once the secondary effects kick in, there will be an increase in the overall therapeutic action of each treatment.

#3. Infrared

Another alternative to PEMF is the Infrared, which is an invisible radiant energy that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Its wavelength is usually longer than that of visible light, but shorter than the wavelengths used in PEMF devices. For this reason, infrared may not be able to penetrate the body within an inch of the surface of the skin.

For efficiency and additional benefits, infrared can be used alongside PEMF therapy. The patient will be getting a broader spectrum of frequencies when these modalities are combined. The infrared treatment may help acute problems more quickly than PEMF therapy, so in various cases of an acute injury, it is advised that the patient use infrared first before going for the PEMF treatment.

Other complementary therapies to PEMF include

●  Massage

●  Physical therapy

●  Light therapy

●  Laser

●  Homeopathy

●  Ozone therapy

●  Psychotherapy and counseling


Primarily used as a complementary alternative for treating pain, PEMF therapy devices like PEMF mats can be used at home, in a doctor’s office, or a chiropractic care center. A wide range of portable products is a good starting point for discovering a home PEMF device. Most importantly, consult a medical professional before going on any self-treatment.

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