Magento Eye Prescription Extension: From Exciting Features to Facts

Eye Prescription

Currently, Magento is one of the best e-commerce frameworks. Why? Its impressive scalability and flexibility are the primary reasons why Magento has become the first choice of thousands of online businesses. 

Another incredible benefit of this PHP-based e-commerce platform is easy customization. You can do this using different ways. Either by installing community-developed themes or by creating customized modules for your e-commerce. It comes with numerous extensions that you can install on your online store to boost your customer experience and sales. 

If you are planning to start your online optical store, it is the best decision. After all, most customers rely on online services to buy products and services, even eyewear glasses or lenses. But setting a digital eyewear product store is not like any other clothing or shoe store. 

Besides effective online marketing and advertising, you need advanced Prescription Eyeglasses Configuration Magento 2 Extension to attract prospective customers. Whether you have heard about this extension or not, we will explain everything you need to know. 

  • What is Magento2 Eyeglasses Lenses Prescription Extension?

The primary purpose of the Magento eye prescription extension is to add lens prescription to the product site. It refers to the sphere, axis, cylinder, pupillary distance, and near/add. Thus, your customers can buy prescription lenses or eyeglasses by entering their details in a special form. Please remember, you may get features like this with the default Magento2 settings. 

Once the customer adds a prescription, it gets saved as a Magento custom product option. It will be visible on the customer order details, order email, and Magento admin order. Additionally, the prescription detail is saved in the customer account, which he/she can view and modify anytime. 

In simple words, Magento prescription eyeglasses & sunglasses configurator extension can transform your optical store into an advanced eyewear platform. Also, you can make it customizable with ease, depending on your customer needs and demands. Its benefits are not limited to creating lens attributes or displaying two products on the same page. There is a lot more you can do with Prescription Lens Configurator Magento2 Extension. In this post, we will look at the silent features of the Magento eye prescription extension. 

  • Suits all type of prescription 

Different people have different types of prescriptions, so the best thing about the Magento eye prescription extension it suits everyone’s needs. Whether your customer needs eyeglasses that are:

  • Distance glasses – to correct farsightedness.
  • Reading glasses – to correct visions like myopia.
  • Bifocal lenses – to correct both far and near vision. 
  • Progressive lenses – to correct near, far, and inter eyesight problems. 
  • Multiple lens options 

Regardless of your eyewear store size, you can customize the Magento eyeglasses & lenses prescription extension without spending extra money. 

  • Compatibility 

Magento eyeglasses prescription extension is compatible with Magento 1 & 2 versions. 

  • The same page display 

Configurable products, both the right & left sides, with the attribute set lenses are displayed on a single view page. 

  • Display tier prices 

Eyewear store admin can enjoy the flexibility to present “tier prices” on the frontend. Otherwise, you cannot access this feature with Magento 2 default settings. 

  • Speedy processing 

Your customers can complete the order processing in no time. 

  • Put validations 

Another impressive feature is a store admin can put validations for customers when placing orders. It means the admin may ask the buyer to choose either right or left product while giving details about the selected product. 

  • Anti-reflective option 

If a consumer needs anti-reflective coating for lenses, this option is available as well.

It also comes with various other options, including cylinder select, sphere select, axis select, Add select, pupils select, and many more. 

Interesting facts about Magento eyeglasses & lenses prescription extension 

  • From recording prescription details to patient information and distributing data, everything happens at the same place. 
  • It is web-based software, which is easy to use. Plus, it lets you practice in a paperless environment. So, it is well-organized and convenient. 
  • It helps you advance your understanding and control in an optometry business. 
  • You will also have a clearer overview of your business in terms of customers’ needs and your goals. 
  • It will not only streamline your business processes but also increase capacity. 
  • It generates instant notifications during invoice creation and invoices paying to customers.

Now, you are familiar with the features and facts about the Magento eye prescription extension. It is the right time to find out how to install it.  

Magento eye prescription installation 

If you are considering installing an eye prescription extension or any other custom feature to a Magento installation, here are a few points you must keep in mind. For example, the maintenance and development costs can exceed the upfront cost in the coming future. Fortunately, you can avoid or minimize these issues by choosing the right module and using the best practices. 

Whether you choose Magento eyeglasses & lenses prescription extension or any other extension, make sure it works the same as you expect. In some cases, the extension might meet your current needs. But you may require modifications later. Therefore, it is advisable to be prepared and develop a custom module for your business to meet your needs today and tomorrow. 

The bottom line 

By installing prescription eyeglass or lens Magento extension, you can take your online optical business game up. It comes with useful features that help your customers buy eyewear products conveniently. Besides this, your customers would be able to tell their needs and demands. Did we mention that store admins can manage back-end processes successfully? 

Lastly, Magento is an extension-rich ecosystem. By using one and the other extensions, you can transform your business processes while enhancing your customers’ experience. Hire a Magento developer to add a Prescription lens extension or customize the pre-built extensions. 

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