Guide to know PRP hair treatment is best for hair loss

prp hair treatment

Are you also one of the victims of hair loss or hair thinning? Numerous people have been complaining about the same problem for quite some time. It has taken a toll over the world. People often neglect it thinking that it is a trivial issue, but it can get serious if not tackled at the right time. The best remedy to treat hair loss is Platelet-rich plasma therapy. Several other treatments treat hair loss like FUE, FUT, but no treatment is effective as PRP. It is non-invasive and thickens and restores your hair. 

After availing of the treatment, your hair turns more vibrant and also promotes healthy hair growth. Many people have reported incredible results after undergoing this treatment. But before availing of the treatment, you should be thoroughly aware of it. Here’s everything you need to know about the PRP hair Los Angeles treatment. 

 PRP for hair loss 

People ponder over what PRP is? PRP is an effective hair transplant that is done by taking blood from your own body. The treatment usually contains a high percentage of platelets. The components of blood enable your body to grow and create new cells whenever you need them. In this, the PRP is directly injected into your scalp to treat hair loss. It is not any surgery and doesn’t produce any severe side effects. Here are some of the basics which you should know about the PRP. 

It is tested and verified by the food and drug administration of the USA. 

No surgery is required and has no severe side effects.

It thickens existing hair follicles and helps in the growth of new hair. 

It is sometimes also called PRP hair restoration treatment. 

Procedure for PRP 

There are three steps to your hair loss journey. The procedure of PRP hair transplant has been mentioned below: 

Firstly, your blood is taken out, most probably from your arm. 

Secondly, the blood contents are separated, and out of that blood, the PRP is used. 

Thirdly, with the injection, PRP is injected into the scalp after anesthesia to the person. 

Beneficiaries from PRP injections 

Numerous people can get benefitted from the PRP injections. The following groups will be helped the most from PRP injections:

Both men and women can benefit from this. It is thought that only men seem to benefit from this, but the reality is that women also get the same benefit and face hair loss on a massive scale. 

The people who have inherited it from their family can also get its benefit. 

Those people who belong to the higher age group can also be benefitted from the PRP injections. 

Hair loss can also take place from stress. And people with anxiety can also get rid of their hair loss by availing of the PRP treatment. 

Besides this, the people who are not entirely bald can also get cured with PRP’s help. 

Do’s and don’ts of PRP hair treatment.

There are certain do’s and don’ts about which you should take care of while getting the PRP hair treatment. Let’s learn the pre and post-care tips. 

Do’s of PRP hair treatment.

Before availing of the treatment, you need to shampoo and condition your hair. The primary purpose of doing this is to keep your hair clean and free from dust and grease. 

Consume a healthy breakfast before undergoing the treatment and drink tons of water. It will protect you against conditions like nausea or dizziness. 

After availing of the treatment, you can resume your daily activities. And there will be no drowsiness or fatigue after treatment. 

Please do not wash your hair at the injection site, as it will cause irritation and will be painful. 

Don’ts of PRP hair treatment 

Before availing of the treatment, do not use any hair product like gel or hairspray to lead to side effects. 

Restrict your liquor consumption or alcohol before receiving the treatment because it lowers the platelet count. 

Also, do not color your hair after PRP hair Los Angeles injections because harsh chemicals will irritate your skin and spur the complications. 

After-effects of PRP 

You need to know whether the side effects are severe or just regular caused by PRP treatment. The majority of side effects are not extreme, but if they worsen, you should consult your surgeon immediately without giving it a second thought. 







Nerve damage 


Is there any insurance for this? 

The majority of people have this confusion that the treatment expenses will be covered under the health insurance. Still, they forget that it is not a medical emergency but a cosmetic treatment. Consequently, it will not be covered under any health insurance. 


Undoubtedly PRP hair Los Angeles is the most effective treatment to cure hair loss and baldness in a person. Also, there is an added advantage that it is economical. 

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