6 engaging poetry activities for students in the classroom

students in the classroom

Poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only a teacher knows how difficult it is to persuade students to read, learn, and enjoy poetry. Most of the students find it boring and dry. A boring subject is difficult to grasp and understand. 

Whenever a teacher says to his/her class that today we are going to study poetry. Then a sudden wave of dismal spread over the class. Every face seems to be unmotivated and uninterested. This is not the fault of the students. Today, people do not pay much heed to poetry in their daily life as well. So, this lack of exposure causes students to avoid poetry. However, this situation can be handled in a beautiful and fun way. How? The simple answer to all the tension is that you should make poetry class a fun class. Engage the students in interesting activities. This will motivate them to actively participate in the class. It will be the high time when a student can find his/her passion for poetry as well. This will save the life of a dying poet

You should try to rather install fun in the poetry class to engage the students then read the poetry in a monotonous way. This will not only urge students to participate in the class but also help them to learn faster. This would be difficult for you if you have not tried this trick yet. But a little help and practice will make this easier for you. 

In this article, we have written the simplest and the easiest ways to make your poetry class a fun class. If you want to know in detail then give this article a thorough read and try to apply the tricks you have learned here in the class. Let’s begin our reading!

Find examples the daily life

Most of the students find it uninteresting to read poetry from the book. This activity does not appeal to them. So, it is a nice idea to ask the students to be creative and write their own poems. This will motivate them to think. Also, put the condition of not using any fiction in their writings. Ask them to take the example for their daily life and convert that example in a poem. This will help the students to find a link among daily routine, language, poetry. Encourage students who come up and share their poems with the class. This will also create a sense of achievement and appreciation.

Blackout poetry

This is one of the amazing activities the students love to do. Do not throw the ripped and extra pages into the trash. Rather use them for this exercise. Ask the students to fill the page with black color except for the lines they want to convert them into the poems. Blackout poetry is creative, and it also forces the student to use their logic and critical thinking. Teachers consider it a healthy activity for mental health. This activity also helps the students to discover their hidden talents.

Rewrite poems

Ask the students to re-write their favorite poems. Ask the students to re-write their least favorite poem in a funny way. This activity is the best way to engage the students in the class. Besides learning new words, this exercise also gives a chance to have a good laugh. All this makes the environment of the class good and cheerful. 

Visualization of poetry

Some students are very good at drawing and expressing themselves via images. Motivates such students to draw the main crux of any poem. Ask them to read a poem and then draw the words, rhymes, and mood in the form of an image. Poetry is like the flowering plant in the monsoon season. Motivate your students to read poetry. 

Poetry competition

Healthy activity is the best way to engage the students in positive activity. There is an interesting way to engage students in a healthy debate by organizing a poetry competition in the class. Poet vs poet is the best to motivate students to speak up in the class. This will help the students in many ways: enhance their speaking qualities, make them able to answer spontaneously,  and increase their exposure to different poems. 

Texting couplets

As we already know, the young generation knows very well how to write texts. They can even do this in their sleep. You should get benefit from this quality of the students. Ask your students to write texting couplet. This will be very beneficial for the students as they will expose themselves to the rhymes and the rhythms. You just need to ask students to write text messages in the form of poetry. Give them assignments and ask them to read their assignments aloud in the class. This way students will get to know about the style and expression of other students as well. Texting couplets is a way of combining the routine with your boring homework. After doing this practice no one will find poetry a boring subject. Just give it a shot!

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