Health is essential for everyone to live a long and happy life. Mental disorders, stress, severe diseases lead to death and it losses the power and capabilities of the human body. Nutritious food and regular exercise are essential to activate all parts of the body. You can see wide range of online stores that offer discount codes to save your money along with free shipping deals.

The following are the essential facts to live a healthy and happy life. If you want to live a happy and healthy life, so you must keep the essential facts in mind that are necessary for your health and it will keep you active and make you productive to work better.


Stress and depression, both lead to mental disorders. Don’t take tension if there is any disturbance in your life. Ups and downs are parts of life. If you will take tension so it weakens your health and reduces the capabilities and powers of your mind and thus it leads to mental disorders.


Vitamins, fibers, calcium, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and water are the essential things. All nutrition is required to keep the body active and healthy. Nutrition is briefly discussed below through which you will become aware of the facts and can make the diet plan according to that.

  • Calcium is essential for the bones. It makes the bones stronger. Calcium is present in milk and dairy products.
  • Protein is essential for hair and nails. If we discuss the inner body part so protein is necessary for enzymes, blood, bones, and muscles. Protein is present in meat.
  • Carbohydrates and fiber are essential for the heart muscles, kidney, and nervous system. It gives energy to the body and maintains the cholesterol level of the body. Carbohydrate is present in bread, fruits, and vegetables. 
  • Vitamins and minerals are essential for the growing and development of the body. It is necessary for the heart and hormones.
  • Water is the most essential thing. It regulates the function of the body and enhances the working capabilities. It is needed to digest the food and thus it makes the digestion process easy.

Make a perfect diet plan in which all the fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses, meat, and dairy products are inserted. If you will quit anything so the deficiency occurs and it leads to illness. Everything is essential for the best functioning of the body. If the person eats well nutritious food so he/she will not ill and due to taking all nutrition.

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Regular exercise is essential. It is beneficial to live fit and healthy. Physical movement is essential for the body. It reduces depression and stress and changes the mind due to physical movement. It doesn’t only activate the body but it activates the mind as well.

Exercise is also essential to maintain blood pressure and sugar level. It also reduces the risk of severe diseases. Fitness is the most prominent thing as you know the slim person is more active than a fatty person. Fats also lead to severe disease because it deregulates the working capability due to the occurrence of fat on the body parts.

Go into the park in the morning for exercise. Sunlight, exercise, and inhalation of pure oxygen make the person healthy and fit. It enhances the working capabilities of the human body and regulates all the functions of the body.

Plant exhales oxygen at day and carbon dioxide at night. If the person goes in part at night so it is not beneficial for him because oxygen is necessary for the human body. If the human inhales oxygen from the greenery and exhales carbon dioxide in the morning so it activates all the parts of the body and makes the person lively.   

As you know boredom occurs due to consistent work. Morning walk and exercise change the mind and it gives time to the person to evaluate all the things that are going on in his life? Due to this person realize that how to respond? And he will not take stress due to it.


Sleeping is essential for everyone because if the person takes good sleep so his body parts work well. Sleeping duration is the essential factor-too much or too little sleep both are not good for the human body. Sleeping less than 5-7 hours and more than 8-9 hours are harmful. Lessor too much sleep is the reason for early death.

Digestion process and wounds require sleeping to function actively and work well. Every part of the body requires rest to function well. If the person is not sleeping well so, it leads to severe diseases such as heart or diabetes. As you know these severe diseases shortened life and lead to an early death because it is difficult to endure the pain of these diseases.

At an early age, the person will not realize what will happen in the old age. In the young or middle age, a person can work actively but as time passes the person loses its powers and realize which thing causes such disease. And you know that time never comes back so sleep well and eat well. 


Health is not only essential for a longer life but it is also important for a healthy and happy life. Smoking and alcohol, both are not good for health. It leads to cancer and you know that cancer requires therapies and it is difficult for the person to endure the pain due to such therapies.

Smoking badly affects the lungs. Cough and other diseases have started at the start of smoking and if the person smokes on a regular basis so it leads to severe diseases such as lung cancer. It reduces the life the person goes to death rapidly. Breast, mouth, throat and liver cancer occurs due to excess drinking of alcohol.

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