Top 5 Watches That Best Matches Men Casual Wear

Men Casual Wear

Watches are essential accessories for both men and women. Watches are not just gadgets to check time for men. They also play an important role in men fashion. Wearing a watch depends on the type of dress that you wear for an occasion. For formal occasions, you wear formal dresses. For casual occasions, you choose semi-formal and casual dresses. According to choice of your dress, you need to choose the watch. A casual watch complements casual dresses. There are many wristwatches available in the marketplace, but a large number of those watches are formal watches. Choice for casual watches seems to be limited. Hence, this article will guide you to find the best casual watches to pair with your casual dresses.

1. Dress Watches

If you like vintage charm with your fashion accessories, dress watches are perfect for you. These watches came into the limelight in 20th century. Though they have been categorized as casual watches, they look pretty simple. Along with simplicity, one can note sophistication with such watches. Interestingly, you can pair these watches with your semi-casual and formal dresses. Wear a polo neck t-shirt and jeans. Then, add the dress watch to your wrist to attain a perfect well-to-do gentleman personality. Some of the signature features of dress watches are:

  • The belt or strap is typically thin and made of leather.
  • Dress watches mostly have square and rectangular casing to feature. However, the circular design is also not rare.
  • Simple six-hour indexes can be found on the dial of these watches.

2. Field Watch

These watches have been designed to provide you military vibe. If you love wearing camouflage design t-shirts and cargos, you should wear a field watch to make your look complete. Typically, these watches come with big round dial. The strap used to be leather initially, but today you can find fiber and rubber straps too. Some of the highlighting features of this type of watch have been discussed below.

  • Dial size should be medium to large.
  • Radium display for easy night viewing can be found in most of the cases.
  • Case is either made of stainless steel or titanium. Nowadays, fiber made cases is also popular.
  • Goes well with t-shirt paired with jeans or cargos.

3. Dive Watches

Dive watches became popular from “James Bond” movies. Typically, these watches are water-proof casual watches. They are suitable for the sportsmen. You can pair the watch with your sporting jerseys. Some of the notable features of such watches are:

  • Medium dial size.
  • Roman numbering. Sometimes, even Arabic numbering can be found.
  • Rubber band is common for such watches, though metal bands are also popular.
  • Water-proof watches.

4. Aviator or Pilot Watch

In between 1930 and 1940, this type of watch had become quite popular. The watches used to be made for the pilots. Today, anyone can wear these watches to flaunt their style statements. Though pilots used to wear the watches with their formal dresses, people nowadays wear such watches with casual dresses. With jeans and t-shirt, this watch would look perfectly paired. Some of the features of such watches are:

  • Medium to large dial size.
  • Leather band. Fabric straps can also be found these days.
  • Dial may typically have chorographic circles.

5. Racing Watch

This particular design of the watch used to be flaunted by the participants in car racing events back in 1930s. Today, these watches have turned into popular casual wristwatches. Some o the signature features of such watches are:

  • Medium to large dial size.
  • Contrasting colors and Arabic numerical.
  • Chronograph is available.
  • Stop-watch feature is available.
  • Typically metal or leather strap.

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