Top Best Employee Scheduling Software Tools of 2021

Managers and employers saved tons of useful hours of work by dumping the classic spreadsheets and paper records for recording staff or employees’ leave days and attendance. Automating the employee scheduling tasks allows you to concentrate on more elements such as strengthening the culture of your team and make sure your staff is pleased.

Why do Businesses need Employee Scheduling Software? 

Managing staff and scheduling is a different and difficult thing in many businesses. Right from scheduling employees to tracking them, planning, reporting about the timesheets and worker’s tasks to handling sick leaves and shifts, wage payments depend on the fair.

These apps come with cool automated versions that make employers handle employees with smooth schedule management for extending their workload and trading shifts and much more.  Employee scheduling software comes with a scheduling module that integrates with reporting abilities and time tracking for whole complete staff activity analysis and organization.

Here are the best top 7 employee scheduling software tools that could deal with every issue involved with the employee’s planning and scheduling.


Gunitime is an effective employee scheduling software that streamlines and enhances your every employee’s working experience and offers tile management, automated reimbursement, payroll, onboarding, hiring, time management, and much more for both employees and employers.

Gunitime offers a whole list of characteristics such as time-tracking integrated with GPS, resource scheduling with real-time reporting and project planning, wage evaluation tools, business vehicle management, and more. Users from every type of career could utilize this due to the accessibility of great features that are easy to schedule and manage employees on the go or from any location too.

Their clocking in and clocking out features in timesheet access employers view the start and end of employees shifts on the worksite itself. Also, you can even track them and find them wherever they go, with pictures, location, and comments through their timesheets. Gunitime tool’s scheduling functionalities access managers to discover available team members by workload, skills, department. 

Price: Gunitime is 100% free for up to 3 employees, but their affordable paid plans access you to use Gunitime for unlimited people.  


Enhance productivity by tracking your employee satisfaction and collecting feedback online. Bamboo He is the finest HR software that helps with training, onboarding, hiring, attendance tracking, compensation, building team culture, and more in a single platform. This is the best fit for large to medium businesses who like to get rid of the time-consuming streamline payday, track PTO, Excel files, and support the team’s success.

Its main goal is to automate your programs so you can have much time for concentrating on employee engagement.

Price: Bamboo HR monthly paid plan starts from $6 to $8.

When I work

Over 100,000 businesses among more than 50 countries utilize When I Work to schedule employees. Right from huge firms to small businesses. When I work offers top-notch features for managers that involve schedule sharing, labor forecasting, labor reports, payroll integration. You can send notifications and reminders regarding shift coverage, labor forecasting. and a simple click is needed to schedule your employees.

Price: When I work is free yet their offer paid plan at $2


TSheets is yet another effective option for scheduling your employee, that provides very related time tracking and scheduling software to rivalry apps. TSheet offers a mobile app from where you could send staff or employee updates regarding upcoming shifts modification and shift and deliver you reminders if your employees forget to clock in or late.

Tsheets app offers two main features. First is their GPS Time Tracker that maps your employee locations through clock-in to clock-out. The second one is their ability for attaching pictures to the timesheets; so you could track full projects without written or lengthy recaps.

Price: TSheets provides two paid plans that are $4 per user monthly and an extra-base fee based upon the count of users.

Hub Planner

Hub Planner offers a whole list of features such as time-tracking and core resource scheduling with real-time reports and project planning. Users from every type of expert could utilize this tool for its accessibility over many devices as long as they are using the Internet.

Price: Hub Planner paid plans are accessible at $7 per resource monthly with a 60-day free trial.


Homebase is the reasonable employee scheduling software in the market. Over 100,000 businesses believe in this tool for their employee scheduling requirements with the best reason.

Their scheduling features are very easy to use. You can create your employee schedule within a few clicks by using a drag-and-drop dashboard. Manage your labor costs by using their home base, automated cost calculator.

You can set up reminders when your employees are hitting their overtime or while missing their clocking-in. Your employees could receive updates when your schedules are published. They will be alerted with notification reminders for the shifts. Additionally, to their scheduling features, Homebase got timesheets and a clock feature for payroll. Whatever device you are in you can access employees’ clock-in that includes your POS system.

Price: There is a free plan and their paid plan is offered at $19.95 monthly.


Humanity is really easy to use where their tools make it easy for checking and editing schedules directly from your device. It is simple to handle schedules, your every employee accessibility, employee day-off requests, and shift trades.

Humanity is mainly known for its consumer support team, and even provides plenty of integrations with more other software and platforms, like workday, Oracle, BambooHR, along with many payroll partners.

Price: Their paid plans start at $2per user monthly, yet involves a $60 minimum fee. You could try this app for 30 days freely.

With the perfect employee scheduling software, you can save money and valuable time. And don’t forget how great your staff or employees can feel if you introduced them to a scheduling app that works for them. Tools like Gunitime can be the best scheduling tool for you that is easy to schedule and employee-friendly too. Whatever your business type is or whatever your industry is, you can always rely on Gunitime and its outstanding scheduling and rostering features.

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