7 Upgrade Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

Value of Your Home

Upgrading your home either for sale or just to revamp your space is a cool decision. However, a home renovation is a serious project and you need to be keen on your decisions. Some of the projects which are supposed to upgrade your home may end costing much that you can even retrieve back after selling. With that knowledge, we have a list of 7Upgrade Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home.

1.  Refresh Exterior Paint

Upgrading the exterior part of your home by painting with a new coat is a significant way of upgrading your home. Adding an extra coat to cover the walls gives the home a brand-new look without pushing yourself too hard. The most recommended colors are Neutral paints since they have a unique appeal. Also, neutral tones attract people in case you want to sell the home.

2.  Remodel the Kitchen & Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathroom are the leading areas to focus on when you think about a home upgrade. The two rooms are the most important part of your house. Besides, renovating the two rooms does not require moving walls, just simple things like changing the themes of your bathroom or upgrading countertops counts. A poorly renovated bathroom or kitchen lowers the value of your home. Besides, if you want to sell the property, it discourages the buyers. If there are not enough bathrooms and there is enough space, you may consider adding one or two.

3.  Brighten Up the Home

Improving the Interior lighting is a great aspect to increase the value of your house. It gives the rooms a cheerful look and lightens up the rooms. Moreover, good lighting makes the room look large and neat. It makes the space look very nice and attracts people. It adds high-quality lighting and brightens up every corner of your house.

4.  Plumbing Upgrades

The plumbing system is one of the major things appraisers use to assess the value of your home. Besides, home buyers are usually very keen on the quality and flow of the sewer system. To upgrade your home, consider re-piping if the system is old. Also, you may decide to repair the entire system or parts that you feel are a bit old.

5.  Consider the Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are cool but expensive. In the past, there were few options of roof shingles, however today, there is a broad range of textures and shapes that can revamp the value of your home. If your home has bright colors, you may consider adding a black roof to complement the space with a neutral feel. Also, you may consider changing the entire roof. Ace Roofing Company is among the leading firms which will help renew the space. They are experts in roofing and can offer personalized services according to your desires.

6.  Open Up Closed Spaces

Today, the open-plan design is very desirable to many home buyers. Plus, most of the new homes have adopted this style. If there are many closed spaces in your homes which is a common cause of too many old homes, open them up. If possible, move a wall in the sitting area. However, ensure you engage a structural engineer to ensure you do not destroy a wall holding to the roof. If the wall is holding to the roof, you can add a statement beam. Also, you may consider upgrading to a Gyproc and plaster.

7.     Spruce Up the Backyard

The backyard is a great consideration when measuring the value of a home nowadays. Therefore, it is a focal point for buyers. Sprucing up the backyard increases the value of your home as many people are looking for spaces where they can chill out. Unlike in the past, where people considered apartments. Plan the area professionally, add an outdoor kitchen and a mature plant. Ensure you use high-quality materials and make sure the space requires very little maintenance.

In conclusion, upgrading your home does not always have to be a big project. There are so many simple things you can do to raise the value of your home. Just take your time, plan everything accordingly without overspending. Also, do not just go for the trend, measure, and know what would work well in your home.

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