Electric display skin when your clothes!

Electric display clothes

Suppose you lost your way to a new restaurant; you don’t even have a mobile. Then if the clothes you wear help you find your way like Google Maps, what a surprise! Or if it is at that time, a message came to your loved one and you could reply to him just like the text on your mobile! What? Can’t believe it?

Unexpected but true, Chinese researchers have recently added a striking technology to our wearable garments called ‘display textiles’.

Scientists at Fudan University in China have integrated the display devices into the fabric with a fabric weaving process using illumination, conductive fibers and flexible textiles that can turn your garments into a digital skin just like a mobile or computer! Here ‘Display Textile’ acts as an exhibition made of smart electronic fabric that allows a person to browse, send, receive any type of information.


After nearly ten years of effort, led by Chinese Professor Peng Huizenga, he has made a 6-meter-long, 25-cm-wide piece of fabric consisting of five sets of 105 electrolytic units at a distance of 600 micrometres.

The smart electronic textile fabric is made of three types of yarn: 

(1) A transparent conductive ionic-liquid doped polyurethane yarn, 

(2) A commercial silver-metallic coated conductive nylon thread 

(3) Concealed with luminescent zinc sulphide, and a conventional type of yarn as cotton or polyester.

At each point of the woven fabric where two conductive yarn types meet, an electric machining unit operates that emits colored light rays along with the flow of electricity. As a result, if electricity is transmitted to your clothes, it will glow in blue light!

Scientists have attached small flexible displays made of carbon fiber yarn to the keyboard and a power supply, microcontroller and Bluetooth module.

As a result, the system can display the necessary instructions, incoming messages from any phone or device, and the keyboard allows the wearer to type a reply. This way a user can reply to any text.


Basically the garments woven with the addition of this fabric can follow different sensations in the human body. To test this, the researchers collected the brainwaves of a few boys while playing racing cars (wearing display textiles) on the one hand and the brainwaves of a few meditators on the other. In both cases, the fabric conveys the emotional state of the individual. Researchers have noticed that the boys who play car races have an ‘exited’ signal against the brainwave and the median person has a ‘relax’ signal against the brainwave.

A person who has difficulty in giving public speeches can easily communicate with each other with the help of ‘display textile’. People with language disabilities will also be able to communicate efficiently by wearing clothing made of display textiles at their own convenience.

‘Display Textile’ is the most flexible textile fabric ever invented. Can be washed, folded and stretched like normal cloth. It is comfortable to breathe, and can withstand repeated machine washing. The fabric is also able to meet resolution requirements through some practical application.

The exact location can be easily found by just ‘tapping’ this display textile garment during motorcyclist, scientific pole, geological exploration!

‘Display textile’ is a unique dimension of human-computer. It is a system built by integrating functions like display, sensing power and power supply which has created great potential in various fields including time positioning, artificial intelligence, communication! Scientists hope that this innovative discovery will contribute to the development of other fields including healthcare using this technology in the future !!

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