Full Key Strategies to Convert DreamMail EML File to MS Outlook 2019

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Oversight: Dealing with file conversion can be a common challenge, especially for users unfamiliar with the process. The question of how to export DreamMail EML files to Outlook 2016 often arises, and many find it challenging due to the differences in file formats used by various email platforms. In this blog, we aim to demystify the process and provide a simple guide for users facing this conversion dilemma.

Why Do Users Need to export DreamMail EML files to Outlook?

The need to export DreamMail EML files to Outlook often arises for several reasons, depending on individual user circumstances:

  • Security Concerns: DreamMail EML, as a simple file format containing plain text, lacks the security features offered by PST. Users can opt to export to PST for enhanced file security.
  • Email Client Switch: When users switch their email client to Outlook, directly opening old DreamMail EML databases becomes challenging. Converting DreamMail EML to PST is a prerequisite to seamlessly integrating them into Outlook.
  • Discontinuation of DreamMail EML-Supported Clients: With the discontinuation of Windows Live Mail, a prominent DreamMail EML-supported client, users holding databases in this format seek solutions to export. DreamMail EML files to Outlook 2016 or earlier versions.

EML to PST Converter: A Direct Solution

For users seeking a reliable solution for exporting DreamMail EML files to Outlook, manual approaches often fall short of providing a secure and efficient conversion. The recommended solution is to use a trusted and confidential tool like DataVare EML to PST Converter. This software offers a straightforward approach, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the conversion process.

Key Features of the EML to PST Converter:

  • Filter Options: With filter options such as To, From, Subject, Date Range, and Exclude Deleted Folder, users can selectively import DreamMail EML files into PST based on specific criteria.
  • Data Integrity: The program ensures the integrity of the database remains intact throughout the entire conversion process.
  • Maintained Folder Hierarchy: The DreamMail EML to PST Converter preserves the original hierarchy of DreamMail EML folders during the conversion, maintaining the structure of DreamMail EML files.
  • Conversion Report: Users receive a detailed report at the end of the conversion, providing information such as start time, start date, output options, number of DreamMail EML files, destination location, status, etc. 
  • Batch Conversion: The tool allows users to export multiple EML files to PST simultaneously, simplifying the overall conversion process.

Additionally, users can explore the free demo edition of DreamMail EML Files to PST Converter, which offers a free export of the first few EML files to PST.

Steps to Convert DreamMail EML Emails to MS Outlook

  • Download and install the software: Install the DreamMail to Outlook PST Converter on your machine by following the on-display commands.
  • Launch the EML to PST Converter: Open the setup software for your computer.
  • Add DreamMail EML Files for Conversion: Click on the “Add Files” or “Add Folders” button to feature DreamMail EML documents.
  • Apply Filters: If wanted, you can comply with filters including To, From, Subject, Date Range, and Exclude Deleted Folder for selective conversion.
  • Preview DreamMail EML Files: The software program application program gives a preview choice in which you can view the content fabric of determined DreamMail EML documents earlier than conversion.
  • Choose Output Format and Destination: Choose the holiday spot location in which you need to shop the converted PST files.
  • Start the conversion process: Click on the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion technique.

PST files can be imported into Outlook:

  • Turn on your computer and open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Examine the “File” menu, choose “Open & Export,” and subsequently choose “Import/Export.”
  • The Import and Export Wizard’s “Import from another program or file” option is what you should select. Press “Next.”
  • “Outlook Data File (.pst)” should be selected as the import file type.
  • Navigate to and select the PST file created by the converter.
  • Follow the directions to complete the import process.

Final Thoughts:

In the current landscape, file conversion has become a routine task, albeit a complex one. Converting EML files to PST, especially for Outlook 2016, can seem daunting, but this blog aims to provide a simple and effective approach. Following this guide should address your concerns and streamline the process of exporting. DreamMail EML files to Outlook 2016, ensuring a smoother experience for all users.