7-Days Itinerary in Madrid, Spain : Book Tourist Visa UK Now

7-Days Itinerary in Madrid, Spain : Book Tourist Visa UK Now

December brings an irresistible charm to Madrid, Spain, as the city adorns itself with festive lights and embraces age-old traditions. Planning a 7-day holiday in Madrid during December promises an immersive experience into Spain’s rich culture, delightful culinary offerings, and lively celebrations. Here’s your comprehensive itinerary and essential tips for a memorable December trip to Madrid with Spain Visa.

Here We are Describe & Days Madrid Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Immersion in Madrid’s December Vibes

Kickstart your Madrid holiday trip by immersing yourself in the vibrant December atmosphere. Begin at Puerta del Sol, where the grand Christmas tree stands tall, marking the onset of festive fervor. Explore the traditional markets offering exquisite handicrafts and delectable Spanish treats.

Day 2: Exploring Madrid’s Cultural Heritage

Dive deep into Spain’s traditions with visits to iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace and Prado Museum. Experience the essence of Spain’s art, history, and architecture. In the evening, witness a flamenco performance, a quintessential Spanish art form that mesmerizes with its passionate dance and soulful music.

Day 3: Indulge in Madrid’s Gastronomic Delights

Embark on a culinary adventure through Madrid’s diverse food scene. Sample authentic Spanish cuisine at local tapas bars, savoring flavorsome dishes like patatas bravas, jamón ibérico, and churros dipped in rich chocolate. Don’t miss the bustling Mercado de San Miguel for a gastronomic feast.

Day 4: Christmas Festivities and Traditions

Experience the magic of the Christmas Festival in Madrid by attending festive concerts and events at Plaza Mayor. Admire the stunning Nativity scenes displayed across the city and indulge in the Spanish tradition of eating ‘turron,’ a delicious Christmas nougat.

Day 5: New Year’s Eve Preparations

Prepare for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration in Madrid. Join the locals at Puerta del Sol for the iconic countdown and grapes tradition. Secure your spot early and revel in the electrifying atmosphere as the clock strikes midnight.

Day 6: Day Trip from Madrid

Take a day trip to nearby towns like Toledo or Segovia, steeped in history and charm. Explore their ancient streets, marvel at impressive monuments, and indulge in their unique local cuisines.

Day 7: Bid Adieu to Madrid

On your final day, stroll through Madrid’s beautiful parks, like Retiro Park, and relish serene moments before departing. Purchase souvenirs to cherish the memories of your wonderful Madrid holiday trip.

Essential Tips for a Memorable Madrid Trip in December:

Pack Warmly: Madrid’s December weather can be chilly, so layer up.

Book Accommodation Early: Ensure your stay in Madrid by booking hotels in advance.

Enjoy Seasonal Treats: Relish the seasonal specialties like ‘roscón de reyes’ (King’s cake) and ‘sopa de galets’ (soup with pasta shells).

Book Spain visa appointment early to avoid any last-minute hassle and make the most of Madrid’s enchanting December festivities and traditions. Embrace the spirit of Christmas and welcome the New Year in the heart of Spain’s cultural hub.

Plan your 7-day itinerary wisely to savor every moment of this magical holiday in Madrid, a city that sparkles with December cheer and rich Spanish traditions.


1. What is the weather like in Madrid during December?

Ans.1 Madrid experiences cool weather in December, with temperatures ranging from 4°C to 12°C (39°F to 54°F). Expect occasional rainfall, so packing warm clothing and an umbrella is advisable.

2. Are most attractions and restaurants open during the Christmas holidays in Madrid?

Ans.2 While some attractions may have adjusted hours during Christmas and New Year’s, most major sights and many restaurants remain open. It’s recommended to check specific schedules and make reservations in advance.

3. What are the must-try foods in Madrid during December?

Ans.3 Indulge in Madrid’s culinary delights with seasonal treats like ‘turron’ (Christmas nougat), ‘roscón de reyes’ (King’s cake), and ‘sopa de galets’ (soup with pasta shells). Don’t miss the opportunity to savor traditional Spanish dishes at local tapas bars.

4. How can I participate in Madrid’s New Year’s Eve grape-eating tradition?

Ans.4 Join locals at Puerta del Sol for the iconic countdown and tradition of eating twelve grapes at midnight, symbolizing good luck for the twelve months ahead. Arrive early to secure a good spot and purchase grapes from nearby vendors.

5. Are there any specific cultural events or festivals happening in Madrid during December?

Ans.5 Madrid hosts various cultural events and festivals in December, including Christmas markets, concerts, and exhibitions. Keep an eye out for events at iconic locations like Plaza Mayor and enjoy the festive spirit throughout the city.