Does painting exterior brick devalue home?

exterior house painting

With the springtime weather, it’s time to start thinking about exterior projects around the house, including painting your home’s brick exterior. Whether you plan to hire an painting service exterior or choose to paint it yourself, here are three things you should know before you get started.

Every Brick House is Special

Exterior painting is a difficult process, and not just anyone can paint an entire house; you need years of experience to get it right. If you want your home to look beautiful without putting yourself at risk, it’s best to hire a professional. Exterior house painting can increase or decrease the value of your house—and if you choose incorrectly, you could end up with a property that falls short of your expectations and isn’t worth as much as you originally thought. Hiring an expert is essential if you want to avoid mistakes and maintain value.

Extensive Damage Requires Professional Restoration

If you have extensive damage to your brick due to years of wear and tear, you might be worried that painting it will devalue your property. If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can paint exterior brick without worrying about a decrease in value. Even minor repairs can add value to your property since they demonstrate that it’s well-maintained and cared for. Don’t worry: professional restoration services (including painting) will only add character and charm to your house rather than taking away from its worth.

Don’t Go Overboard on One Single Idea

While painting your exterior bricks can be a useful strategy to make your home stand out in a crowd, don’t go overboard on one single idea. Consider implementing several ideas at once to bring excitement and increase curb appeal. Also, consider coordinating with elements inside your house, like decor items or color schemes, so you do not lose harmony in your design. Using bold colors throughout all of these areas is also a big plus! Your outside will get more attention from passersby if it goes well with what they see inside. If you need help planning multiple ideas together, we can help—get in touch today!

Creating a Mood with Colors

Suppose you have visited a house, apartment, or condominium and were drawn to certain rooms because of their color scheme. In that case, you probably already know how powerful colors can be. The right paint choices can create an inviting atmosphere and bring life to a room while simultaneously bringing harmony to a space. 

When choosing your perfect color palette, please take into consideration that light-colored furniture will accentuate dark walls and visa versa; therefore, when choosing paint colors, it is best to look at your furniture and determine which side of the color contrast you want to show off in each room of your home. Of course, there are exceptions, but if painting exterior brick interests you, then it’s always good to have a handy professional who knows what they are doing before committing all at once.

Paint and Staining Require Preparation

Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions exist about painting and staining. A big one is that you can start or stop whenever you like; not true! You must prepare your surfaces before beginning a paint job (or applying any other type of finish). You also must take appropriate steps to protect anything that’s nearby. And once you’ve completed your project, leave it alone for a while before touching it up—you need time for proper curing. Painting and staining frequently involve multiple coats (sometimes as many as five), so allow adequate drying time between applications; usually, 24 hours should do it. Let professional painters do their jobs whenever possible—it’s worth saving up for a quality crew versus doing it yourself!

Always Do Research Before You Start Painting

Painting your exterior brick may save you some money, but it might not be worth it. Although there are new ways to paint brick that won’t damage them, most of these techniques aren’t very effective at making your brick look new. Old bricks will still stand out, and you may paint them again in a few years when it begins to look dingy or dirty. On top of that, any financial savings on a painting could easily be eaten up by costly repair bills down the road when water starts penetrating your wall. Please research and ensure that any effort to paint your bricks is worth it before you start.

Expect to Look at it for Years to Come

Before we talk numbers, let’s get one thing straight: it’s going to take you a while to do your project. Expect at least 2-3 days if you plan on doing everything yourself. That said, when it comes time to sell your house down the road (assuming you even want to), there’s a good chance that your initial investment will pay off in spades. Especially if they paint as much of their house as possible before the sale. With the less unappealing aspects of your home that can be seen from the outside, buyers have fewer reasons not to go in and look around your beautiful abode.

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Final Words

If you’re trying to sell your house, it might be tempting to paint your brick, so it looks like faux stone or wood. Keep in mind, though, that some real estate agents believe a painted brick is less valuable than an unpainted one. If you’re determined to have your bricks look like something, they’re not, talk with a professional painter first and see what they have to say about it. You may save yourself from ruining your home value later down the road!