Tips to Maintain Your Building Exteriors

Maintaining the exteriors of your properties in condition is very important. It has the power to make a lasting first impression of your guests, but it can also increase the value of your home.

If you run a business, keeping the condition of your building exteriors in good condition will make your company appear more professional and help you retain a good reputation with clients. First impressions matter, and as a business owner, you must consider how to maintain a green, sustainable business, as well as how the exterior of your building shows your professionalism.

Having an obvious lack of building maintenance for your home can be embarrassing, especially when people drive by or when you have friends visiting. Plus, let’s be honest, simply living in an unmaintained space isn’t ideal!

Water damage, peeling paint, cracking and rotting surfaces, filth and grime build-up, attracting unpleasant insects, mold growth, and other issues can all result from a lack of maintenance. Cleaning your building by professionals on a regular basis can help avoid deterioration.

Another reason to keep your building in good condition is to guarantee that your body corporate and local government rules and OH&S standards are met. Maintaining the exteriors of your building in good condition assures the safety of your visitors, employees, and clients, so it’s important to take responsibility and have peace of mind knowing that your building surroundings are in great condition.

Putting in place a building maintenance plan preserves the structure, reduces the risk of deterioration, and improves the appearance of your property by hundreds. Here are four easy strategies to keep the exteriors of your buildings in good condition.

High-Pressure Hose

There are lots of advantages to pressure washing with a high-pressure hose, including the ability to preserve the exteriors of your buildings. Pressure washing can restore the natural color of your surfaces by properly reaching all of the hard-to-reach areas and nooks and crannies. Furthermore, high-pressure hosing removes dirt, grime, and stains! Using a high-pressure hose will help prepare surfaces for additional work, such as painting walls, varnishing decks, or properly sealing a garage floor and driveway.

Paint Revamp

Your paint may get dull, chipped, and discolored with time, making your building appear old and unkempt. You don’t have to paint the entire wall; instead, just touch up the areas that require a little extra care. The exterior of your buildings will be looking great in no time if you find the right paint color at your local paint store and use the right procedures to touch up your walls. You can always seek advice about home design and colors through websites like Home Guidelines and Ohana Home Improvement.

Wood Sealant

Wood, as a natural surface, will be damaged by weather and regular wear and tear over time. Every few months, use a nice wood sealer, lacquer, or varnish to keep your wooden decks in good condition and protect them from the elements. This will keep your wood looking new for years.

Clean your Windows

We look through windows on everyday, yet we often forget to clean them, resulting spots and grime. Using the spray-and-wipe method, add water to one part vinegar to clean your windows effectively and naturally. Alternatively, you can contact a professional cleaner, who will perform the cleaning much more ease.


That concludes our list of four tips for maintaining the exteriors of your buildings. I realize there are plenty more ways to improve the exteriors of your buildings, so I would simply follow the general guideline of ‘if you notice something that needs to be done, do it.’ Best of luck with your building exterior improvement.

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