What to Check Before Hiring an iOS App Developer?


According to Buildfire, 175 billion apps are downloaded every year. Among these, iOS applications share a significant number. As smartphones have penetrated every business vertical, having a website only is not enough now. Companies are expected to have mobile applications also.

But before you hire a mobile app developer, it is imperative to know your audience and what devices they use the most. If your audience comes from an elite and high technical background, they most probably are using Apple devices. And in that case, choosing custom iPhone app development services would be beneficial for you.

But before you begin the hiring process, certain boxes should be marked checked when you hire iOS developers for your business. Here are the things that make sure you have hired the right iOS developer for your custom iPhone app development.

Things to check before you hire an iOS developer

1. Experience

When you hire iOS developers, the first thing you should ask for is how experienced the candidate is. Experience factors can affect the budget and quality of your app development, so give in-depth thought to this. 

While Junior-level developers can be a low-budget option, their lesser experience would not allow you to introduce advanced features to your app. Similarly, senior developers would charge high fees for their expert services.

2. Development Duration

The duration may also affect the budget. But it highly depends on how sophisticated you want your iOS application to be. I.e. If you want your app to have advanced features which require more time to build, you might have to spend more time and budget on your app development.

3. Portfolio

Previous work can tell you a lot about your potential iOS app developer. Ask them their portfolio and links of the application available on the App store. Download the application and review them yourself. You can determine the quality of services from their portfolio and previously developed iOS applications.

4. Development Cost

As stated in previous points, many things affect the cost of your custom iPhone app development. While some iOS app developers offer exceptional services with fewer charges, this is not always the case with everybody. So, instead of running after fewer costs, find an equal balance of budget and quality.

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5. Platform

Nowadays, mobile application development has become platform-agnostic with the help of several available cross-platforms. So, if you want both Android and iOS applications, instead of building them separately, you can have cross-platform app development services. Though there are cons to developing apps with cross-platform, if you look for simple applications, the cons should not concern you. 


Your involvement is expected and necessary in your custom iPhone app development. You will have to give your inputs and feedback regularly or at least every iteration. So be clear with your potential iOS app developer what extent of feedback and support they will require from you to make your iOS application as expected.

7. Communication

Communication is crucial for successful and faster app development. And you should be clear about certain communication-related things beforehand. How often would you communicate? And what will be the communication mediums? These are the questions you should ask the company or individual hiring iOS app developer you are.

8. App Deployment

Also, ask about the policies for app release and how they will carry out the app deployment process. Any good company will guide you through all the app deployment processes. It is an hiring iOS app developer’s job to launch an app successfully to app stores. So, make sure you choose the right company that stays with you throughout the app development lifecycle.

9. Maintenance Services

Most IT companies offer continuous maintenance and support services after launching an app on the app store. And this is why you should leverage custom iPhone application development services from an IT firm rather than freelancer hiring iOS app developer. But first, ask the firm whether they offer this service or not.

10. Return on Investment

While all the other factors are essential and should be considered, ROI should be prioritized foremost. Carrying out custom iPhone app development can be a worthless effort if it does not bring business to you. So, give in-depth thought to how much return your iOS application will provide you before hiring an iOS developer.

So, after checking all these parameters before hiring iOS app developer, you can ensure the success of your custom iPhone app development.