Characteristics of the design stools

kitchen bar stool design

When looking for a seat for any room in your home, different options open up. One of them is the stools, seats that have been designed to sit and stand up without easily and also have the advantage of taking up little space. Like the rest of the home furniture, they can be found in very different designs. Why not opt ​​for designer stools that are the main piece that makes an impact and is the center of all eyes?

The stools have entered with force the last years in the decorative tendencies of the home. They are not a passing fad, but they have come to stay because of the many advantages they offer: they can be adapted to any type of stay (kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even terraces and gardens), their lightweight and small size make them They can move and store easily, being perfect for houses where there is not much space available. So many are the benefits, that thanks to its growing popularity, every time we can see more quantity of styles, forms, colors and materials with which they are manufactured. Nowadays designer stools are made that are authentic works of art and that would be the piece for a modern and stylish stay.

design stools

BRUNO, one of the most original design stools

It oozes design for each and every one of its sides. If the BRUNO model stands out among the designer stools for its sinuous curves, they do not leave anyone indifferent!

In addition to beautiful, it is really comfortable thanks to its padding and footrest. It also has a 360 degree turn. We are facing a very dynamic stool that combines style with usability since you can sit on it both high and low, thanks to it is adjustable in height.

MATRIX, the ace among the wooden design stools

The MATRIX model is proof that it is possible to have a designer stool made of wood. Simple and straight lines and its white lacquer, give this stool a modern and avant-garde touch. In addition, it is very resistant thanks to its solid wood structure, making it perfect for daily use. Collaborate in that robustness in integrated footrest, a plus for your comfort.

CRIS, one of the leather-upholstered design stools

The CRIS model is among the Kitchen Bar Stools Design that can contribute more personality and style to the room or place where they are located. It presents a spectacular aspect of modern style. And it combines its chrome metal structure with its leather upholstery.

It should be noted the comfort it offers thanks to its comfortable upholstery upholstered in high-quality synthetic leather, very resistant and easy care. You cannot imagine how easy they are to clean: with just a damp cloth in warm water they are impeccable and effortless.

Its base and structure of this model are made of metal. It is a very important feature since the robustness, solidity, and durability are assured. In addition, this kitchen stool is adjustable in height and rotates 360º, which provides maximum flexibility of use. And finally, assess the footrest to sit, support the feet comfortably and get the perfect posture.

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