4 Ways to Optimize Content for Social Media

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Content marketing and social media marketing are the trendiest topics in digital marketing these days. Everyone is talking about the influence of social media and how it helps in strengthening a brand’s position in the market. Social media marketing is not only important but also a necessity says a digital marketing company in Pune.

Social media platforms have billions of profiles and millions of active users. In fact, according to research, people now spend more than 3 hours every day on social media. Users are “hooked” to Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Hence, as business owners, you must learn to expand your brand through social media marketing.

There is one thing which everyone who wants to use social media platforms for business needs to understand. It is the fundamental difference between the content on different social media platforms. Every social media platform was created with a vision, which is different from the other. Hence, the content which may work well on one platform may or may not work well on another social media platform, explained digital marketing agency in Pune.

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Following are some pointers on creating a full proof social media marketing strategy:

●    Understand the Platform

Social media has empowered everyone to have a voice and opinion about everything that happens under the sun. But every platform was built with a different purpose in mind. Social media content needs to resonate with the platform you use. Here’s a brief analysis of the most popular social media platforms by a digital marketing service in Pune.

1.    Twitter – it is a text dominated platform which allows users to write their thoughts in 270 characters. Hashtags, quotes and images are considered engaging content on Twitter.

2.    Facebook – Facebook is a network which fosters friendships. Video content and rich content blogs work well on this platform.

3.    Instagram – Instagram is a visual platform. High-resolution photos with relevant hashtags are the way to go!

4.    LinkedIn – This is a professional only network. The content which can work wonders here is long form and formal, work-related content.

●    Understand the Audience

The audience is the king on social media networks. They decide what trends and what is to be trolled. They discuss politics, hobbies, shopping and personal things on these networks. It is therefore essential for you to analyze the persona of your target audience. What topics make them happy, when are they most active, what sort of posts do they share more often.

These are the questions one must ask, according to a digital marketing company in Pune. Social media content strategies need to revolve around the target audience. A customer-centric approach is the key to success on any social media platform.

●    Create the Perfect Content

“Content is king” is a line that is often used by a digital marketing agency in Pune. Users on social media are easily distracted and have low attention spans. Thus, the content you post needs to be unique, engaging and high quality.

1.    Research on what your audience likes to read or see.

2.    Do keyword research for optimizing the content for the world wide web.

3.    Generate content that can be repurposed for different social media platforms

Social media content writers believe that one great piece of content is a starting point. Write a long-form article like a blog. Then you can repurpose this into many small parts for social media. You can turn it into an infographic, or a video, or a PowerPoint presentation, or small but powerful images.

All of these different pieces can be linked back to the original article on your website, said a digital marketing service in Pune. The main advantage of repurposing content is calibrating it to the strengths of the social media platform you choose.

●     Make Your Content Shareable

Social media content strategies often fail to highlight the importance of shareability. Shareability is the core of social media marketing. If your content is not shared, then it is not optimized. According to a digital marketing company in Pune, adding social media buttons on your website is a good starting point. Add these buttons at the top of the page and the bottom of the page.

You can also highlight some of the content and have buttons or links that lead to sharing on them. Quotes and images can be “pinned” or “tweeted” quickly.

Social media content strategy is a vital component in optimizing your content on different social media platforms. Frequent analysis and monitoring the statistics of your posts can help in creating more effective social media marketing strategies.

There are many tools available that assist in the optimization of content on different social media platforms. But one must remember that having excellent plans and the best marketing tools on hand does not guarantee success. Great content is the backbone which generates the buzz and engages the audience.

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