Use the Twende App clone to set up your business

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When it comes to ruling the taxi market for your region, a Twende app clone is the best solution owing to the multiple features that it offers. The beauty of this Ride Hailing App is that it not only focuses on the benefits of the users but is also aimed at providing the most seamless experience to the driver while making money.

What’s more the entire process is so streamlined that it makes it infinitely easy for the application owner and entrepreneur to make money. And while they’re at it, the app does all the work like making reports, giving you an idea of which is an area that is hot with requests and which isn’t.

The app will basically give you an insight into the entire functionality of the business, so, you will be able to make the most of the functionality of the application. For example, from the admin panel, you will be able to view which areas have a high “heat” in terms of demand for rides and which areas have the lowest requirement.

Based o this information, you will be able to better position your fleet to make sure that you can maximize the number of rides per day and have a greater returns. The other advantage is that you will also be able to view the proper invoices and receipts of each ride which can be instrumental in your taxation process.

An Important feature that you must include in the Twende app clone

While the entire internet is talking about the basic features like GPS navigation and in app texting (which, by the way, every half decent app offers these days) there are some other really important features that you must focus on. Let us look at one such feature which will allow you to actually take your application to a newer height by giving your customers a unique and refreshing experience.

Hotel Panel

When do common people need taxis the most? When they are not in their own area or they don’t have a vehicle and are dependent on public transport or taxis for all their requirements. Maybe, when people are staying in hotels?

So, consider this for a moment. Your taxi service business is popular in your city/country, but a tourist who is traveling from somewhere else will have no idea what ride to pick! This is where your Hotel panel comes into the picture.

Now, with this feature you can give the User the ability to simply request for a taxi at the hotel reception. The hotel Receptionist can manually book a taxi for the tourist directly from this panel. The tourist doesn’t need to download the app or register into it. It is simple and hassle free and definitely will increase your sales immediately.

This is a great feature to have because it will ascertain that you continue to generate revenue from this application. The Twende app clone itself will make sure that you can have a commission pay out to the hotel as well so that they too continue to promote your services.

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