Curl Your Hair With Curlers And Make Beautiful Curls

Curl Hair With Curlers

One of the hairstyles that is a favourite for many people is curly or wavy locks. Some people are born with it and they use different methods to magnify their appearance. However, if you do not possess curly hair since birth, you can use other techniques to add curls to your hair. 

Either buy and use a curler at home or download a hair salon app to contact professionals who would do it for you. In both cases, you should use the right products and plans to maintain healthy hair conditions, both before and after. 

Differences between using a curling iron and curling wand 

You can purchase either a curling wand or a curling iron to create spirals in your hair. Both work in different manners and produce a specific type of look each. To know which to invest in, you must understand their differences. 

The style of the curls vary 

The curling wands have a narrow shape in the upper area of their body. So, you can use it better to make various sizes of hair waves. Curling iron, on the other hand, has a uniform width from the top to the bottom of the iron.  

To note, this rule is not permanent; the shape can vary for different products. 

A wand does not have a clasp while iron does 

A curling wand does not contain a clasp. The user has to use their knowledge and practical experience to add the waves. Curling irons have a clasp, which holds the hair section after the user wraps it around the iron. 

Opt between ringlets or wavy curls 

The two items create different types of curls. With a curling wand, you would get wavy hair. If you use a curling iron, your hair would have thicker ringlets. So, the former is better if you prefer softer curls and the latter if you want bolder curls. 

Types of rollers you should keep to create gorgeous curls 

You can use rollers to curl your hair naturally, without a lot of heat application from curlers. Here are the main types of rollers you would find in the market. 

Foam hair rollers

People put on foam or sponge rollers with their hair rolled into the items. There is a plastic clip that you can use to keep the hair well. You have to go to bed wearing these rollers. Make sure to put the rollers on your hair after it is damp. 

Hot hair rollers 

You have to charge the electric-based heated hair rollers and put strands of hair within them. Keep it in place and you would have curls after some time. This is useful for making different curl types; the size of rollers you buy determines this. 

Velcro hair rollers 

Another common hair roller type is this plastic-based one with a Velcro pad at the top. This component has a strong grip on the hair and you can expect strong voluminous waves that last long. 

Hair roller brush 

This roller has bristles present at the top part. After you put it on, your curls would look smooth and full since the bristles keep the hair in place. 

Magnetic rollers 

After washing your hair, you should wear magnetic rollers with your hair stuck in them. These products have a cylinder-like shape. There are ventilation holes present here that strongly hold the hair in shape. For complete beginners, this is a suitable choice. 

Steam hair rollers 

For well-defined curls, wear these rollers that rely on steam for the heat. This helps attach the rollers to the damp hair and is good for people who have naturally dry tresses.

Flexi rods 

The Flexi rods have a long and cylindrical shape, which is very flexible. You can wrap some strands of your hair together around one rod and then bend the rods to hold the hair. There is no need for clips or pins here; you would get soft and bouncy ringlets at the end. 

Why should you go to salons for hair curling?

Overall, it is better to go to professional hairstylists to get the best curly look. They have the skills and the experience; so, they can create perfect-looking wavy hairstyles that would suit your face. Use a hairdresser appointment app to find good salon experts for their service. 

They know the safe and effective hair curling technique 

They are aware of the right kinds of products to use for different hair types and heating techniques. You would get noticeable curls that look attractive and have zero damage. 

Those who are new to using curling products would slowly handle each lock of hair while making the curls. But, professionals from salons have more practice and can wrap the hair and heat them reliably yet fast.

The professional carefully but quickly handle the process 

The salon experts have longer work experience. They have used the different curling irons and wands, and have even received training for their tasks. So, they know how to properly twist the hair into the curlers and apply the right amount of heat. They finish the steps quickly, too.

They let the waves or curls ‘set’ for the right amount of time 

It is important to heat the hair for an appropriate amount of time before putting it around curling irons. Otherwise, the hair would burn and your hairstyle look would spoil. After completing each section, it is necessary to leave it to rest so that the curls can cool down and hold the shape.

Experts apply heat protectants first always 

The experts would apply heat protectant serum first to safeguard the hair against the thermal curling tools. 

Professionals know how to adjust the correct temperature and angles  

The salon professionals use the correct heat setting for different types of hair. For example, people who have coarse or thick hair need more heat than those with fine hair.

Plus, they would hold the curlers in the precise angles for different curly hair versions, like vertical for beachy waves.


All in all, curly hair is attractive. With the right method and application, you can create such a hairstyle for yourself. Since manually curled hair is not permanent, you have to repeat the process more than once in your life. Maintain the good condition of your hair with the right products and hair care regime, as your hairstylist would tell you. 

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