A home treadmill is a good investment that can help you maintain a regular exercise program easily and comfortably. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do some simple maintenance to make it work for many years. In this article, Dan Thompson of Chicago Huff and Puff Fitness Repair shares tips on keeping your home treadmill running effectively for years.

How to maintain your treadmill

Maintaining a treadmill is the key to getting the most results with the least effort. Please pay attention to it every time you use the treadmill. By regularly performing the following tasks, you can ensure that your exercise routine is consistent. If the device has bumps or scratches, stop using it until the problem is determined.


Your treadmill manufacturer may provide instructions on how to do this in the user manual of your device at the time of purchase. Usually, this process involves applying silicone or paraffin-based lubricant to the bottom of the treadmill, especially where the feet are in the most contact. 

You need to make sure not to apply it on the surface of the treadmill. You may also need to loosen the tape before applying lubricant and then tighten it again. Experts recommend doing this once, at least once a year.


At least once a week, you should vacuum the area around the machine, and if possible, under the device. If you use the treadmill frequently, dust and debris will accumulate on the back of the treadmill. It is a small part of the treadmill, but most of it comes from the outsole of your shoes. 

It would be best if you also vacuumed the inside of the machine at least once a year. Before removing the engine cover to clean the engine compartment, be sure to turn off the device and unplug the power cord.


You must clean the machine after each use. If you usually sweat, this step is even more critical. When moisture accumulates inside the device, it will oxidize the machine’s metal parts and promote the growth of bacteria and fungi. Although a damp cloth can usually do the job, you can also buy a treadmill cleaning kit at home.

Check for Wear

It would be best if you also made sure that the blade is centred and level. It does not have to be perfectly aligned, but it should not be scratched or scratched. If you keep the running belt centred, the treadmill will run efficiently. 

If you find that the treadmill is moving slowly and decelerating without adjusting the speed, or if you feel it sliding, it is a belt. The misalignment of the twisted ribbon will also quickly wear and tear, breaking faster than it should. If the belt is too worn or rough, be sure to replace the belt to increase the overall life of the treadmill.

Install a Mat

Using a mat under the treadmill can protect the area around the treadmill better than the treadmill itself. If your treadmill is in a room on the second floor, treadmill pads can prevent damage to the floor and help reduce noise. 

It also helps prevent pet hair and dust from accumulating on the machine and makes it easier for you to vacuum the surrounding floor. 

Keep the pet hair around the machine as accessible as possible. To minimize the entry of animal hair, carpet fibres, dirt and dust into the engine compartment, you should clean it regularly. Foreign objects can damage the motor and motor control board, resulting in expensive repair costs.

Safeguard Electrical Components

You need to pay attention to electrical issues regularly. If you find a burning smell when using the treadmill, you should stop using it immediately, pull the plug from the wall, and investigate the cause. 

It will quickly become a source of fire. You can also protect the electronic components of the treadmill by connecting the treadmill to a surge protector, which ensures the safety of the treadmill in the event of a power surge.


Your treadmill user manual will most likely describe common treadmill problems and provide solutions. According to experts, depending on your mechanical and electrical convenience, you may want to try the service yourself and get calibration assistance from the manufacturer’s hotline.

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