Tips For Creating The Flawless Whiteboard Animation Video

Creating The Flawless Whiteboard Animation Video

Are you a beginner in the area of video animation and want to know about whiteboard animation videos? If yes, then you are at the right spot, in this guest post you will find regarding the concept of whiteboard animation and tips to create the perfect one. It is based on the story that is conveying on a whiteboard. A video animator records the video in front of the camera and record by himself the entire process. It is considered a great tool to tell you something very clearly. You have unlimited possibilities while making a whiteboard animation, you can make it for entertainment purposes to the educational too. You can convey the complex message in a very simple and short story that easily grabs the attention of the target audience. You can opt for whiteboard animation if your topic is too boring and want to make it an interesting one.

Indeed this is one of the best activities to do, but it requires a special skill set and expertise to create the perfect one. While creating the video you need to follow the rules and guidelines also some tips that will help you to work with the best strategies. Find the tips below when you make whiteboard animation online :

1. Utilize The Strength Of Storytelling

It is important when you are creating especially whiteboard animation videos to come up with the general problem of your target audience and its solution. You should not present your solution in a promotional way to sell the product instead you should tell a story to attract and insist on your audience to buy your product. As nobody can resist a well-told story so present your content using storytelling. Also, you will be able to catch the sympathy of the viewers and catch their interest in your brand.

2. Come Up With The Animated Characters

When you add characters in your story video it becomes more attractive and connected with your potential buyers. As they are considered a thread that keeps your story together and becomes the reason to give it a consistent tone. Be mindful to make your character the true representation of your ideal buyer’s personas, it will help them to connect their situation with your product. Using characters in your video is considered memorable, engaging, and adds a personal approach to your video.

3. Do Not Avoid The Traditional

No matter how advanced features you have available it makes the video but while creating whiteboard animation you should keep the bias aspects of this video in your mind. Those basic attributes are the continuous black drawing, the whiteboard and the hand. These are the aspects that will give your video a recognizable style for the whiteboard animation. If you ignore those aspects in your video, then you may find it less relatable to the concept and less attractive. So keep things traditional with simplicity.

4. Add Some Color To Your Whiteboard Animation Video! (But Not Too Much)

Yes, it is said that previously that whiteboard animation video must be comprised of black and white color and also to follow the traditional trend of such video. But to innovate a little bit is good to enhance the appearance of the video. That does not mean to add so many colors and change the nature of the video so use small hints of color to accentuate important parts of the message you want to deliver. You can use your brand color also if you have decided to use color, it will make your brand prominent in the video and it is good for marketing purposes also.

5. Do Not Forget The Drawing Hand

To make a whiteboard animation video, it is mandatory to add a hand because otherwise, it will lose the identity of the whiteboard. It must always appear in our video, no matter, an artist doing it in real-time for your story or you get unit by using technology. Present your story as its being drawn with a hand; everything can change in the video except the drawing hand so come up in a way that does not hurt the nature of the whiteboard video.

6. Use Emotional References

To grab the attention of your target audience more deeply, you need to use the emotional reference with the help of adding some aspects in your story like bring back the good old days. That is how your video becomes more memorable and you can simply deliver a complex message… you can use simple methods with the changes in your story to give the feeling to your audience of funny, light, nostalgic, emotional, empathetic, and happy.

7. Must Present Interconnected Drawings In Your Video

A Whiteboard animation video is based on the story that has been drawn in the video, and a well-created video will be able to keep your audience engage with the content because they would be wondering what comes next. That is the point that defines that you are on the right path of doing your work, draw your story in a way that keeps the spark of interest in the mind of tour target viewers and let them create anticipation.

Indeed a story cannot be present with the individual design so you need to add a continuous and interconnected drawing to maintain the rhythm of the story. Clean your whiteboard in the video as few times as possible because it can lead to break the story into different pieces that can result in losing your audience’s attention.

Wrap Up

Whiteboard animation is a brilliant tool to use and increase the business conversion rate. If you did try it for the marketing purpose then you should give it a try and enjoy the perks of it.

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