10 Email marketing mistakes you are making

email marketing

Are emails still used to attract new customers and retain old ones? You bet! 

However, this takes a potent email marketing strategy to make some changes. This is where we pitch in to help you with 10 email marketing mistakes you are making.


Perhaps the most basic factor to consider is your contact list. Even if your email list is compromised, you can always use LinkedIn or Facebook to retrieve contacts and ask them to refer ahead. This way, you’ll find a massive contact list right at your doorstep.

Charging through

Content calendars are the go-to option for content strategists since the importance of a content calendar will give a better outlook to your timely emails. 

Send them emails on a set basis for example after every 15 days or possibly, every month. This will allow you to work on a “hot topic” that may require a responsive reaction to send ahead.


The content being delivered should be creative and enticing to read. Under time restrictions low-quality content with little to no chances of thorough reviews may be produced. 

Email marketing experts stress upon the fact to have ample time for the writing to be reviewed after it is produced.

Subject line

Do you plan on reading a book of 500 pages if the title and the front page is boring and unappealing? Possibly, no. 

There are various ways to create interesting subject lines however, there are no set criteria. The only way is to experience new techniques by using creativity to craft the perfect subject line but remember not to go for a risky one. You’re in no position to be in an “it may sail or sink” scenario!

Unprofessional emails

Imagine waking up to the most unprofessional, unclear email of your life. What are the chances you’ll bother to read even half of it? Zero, I believe! Emails need to be according to the audience and in most cases, they are formal.


Being woken from your slumber by annoying emails? That won’t do! This will annoy your contacts so instead, choose a time where the maximum number of people are expected to read your email.

For example, there are best times to post on Tumblr, a social platform. Posting when users are asleep or busy will not attract any interaction but will only waste your time.

Bounce & spam rates 

Email bounces reflect of your poor produce and typos aren’t considered to deliver a “professional” feel to an email. Focus on improving your email regularly to avoid being suspicious in the eyes of email service providers. 

Spam flags may result when your email providers declare your mail to be “junk” since you’re sending them too often. Send timely, high-quality emails to avoid facing this issue.


Tools can add value to your work. They might be the opening you require to add just that finishing touch to your emails, making them interesting or perhaps, using a time-saving tool to save time?


Analytics is suitable to reveal how well you’re performing or whether you’re under performing. The responses of your email list can be gauged from analytics, providing sound feedback on how appealing your emails are or are they uninteresting and boring? Only analytics will tell!


Outsource may not be the correct word to use here but you get the idea. Perhaps it’s best to leave emails to someone who retains expertise in it and even though they may cost you extra, emails should not be taken lightly; since they can boost the returns on your investment quickly. 

Did you find yourself making any of these mistakes? Let us know!

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