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Entrepreneur, do you know what ebook is? No? Count on us, we’ll explain it to you right in this article. Including step by step on how to create successful ebook.

It is quite simple compared to the launch of a printed book. Here we have cost savings and unlimited sales. That smells like money, right? So come with us!

But before I teach you how to create successful ebook , we need to explain what an ebook is. Let’s see.

The name create

create successful ebook means eletronic book or a digital book. But it doesn’t just bring that. There is a lot behind the ebook.

We know what a book means. It’s that old piece of fiction or non-fiction. Those who go through publishers, through major processes until their publication. The real difference is there.

Ebooks do not go through any of these “plastered” processes. A digital book has numerous facilities. One is that it can be read anywhere, just a device that is compatible to read (tablet, cell phones, the famous Kindle etc).

One of the great advantages contained in ebooks is the ease of publication. No big investment is needed. It’s really just writing and publishing.

You don’t have to worry about selling quickly, you don’t have to worry about a lot of cost – let alone the environment, as it won’t be printed.

There are advantages for both sides, for the ebook creator and for the reader. The ebook is not heavy, so several devices can fit on the same device. It is possible to make notes and highlights as well. The devices have technology for this activity, in addition to being able to highlight and save the parts that you find most interesting.

That is why they are the darlings when it comes to infoproducts.

The ebooks serve above all as a bargaining chip and digital baits for training leads. If you already have an online course as an infoproduct it is possible to give away the free ebook as a way to ‘arrest’ that consumer, making them more interested in what you have to offer.

What is the best format for creating an ebook?

It depends. There are numerous formats for creat successful ebook compatible with devices. The most found today are the ePub format and PDF.

These, yes, are read on any device. But it is important to remember that there is a difference in these formats. The main difference is the adaptation of texts to the screen of the reader.

PDF format

Here it is possible to consume the content just like a printed page, only digital. You can zoom in or out according to your need. This is ideal for ebooks with a large number of pages and more complex content.

EPub format

This format is most commonly found in nonfiction and fiction books. It is used in kindle. It allows changing the font and searching for words directly in the text while the reader reads.

And now? How to create an ebook?

We highlight below the following steps to create an ebook:

  1. Ideas for the ebook
  2. Delimitation and research for production
  3. Writing, revision, text editing and structure process
  4. Definition of keyword and title
  5. Visual identity creation
  6. Publication
  7. Analysis and optimization

1. Ideas for creating an ebook

The ideal at this stage is that you already have something in mind, an important idea or knowledge to convey. Do you have a skill that no one else has? Because you have something valuable at hand. It is essential to do a briefing to organize ideas properly. That way you will know exactly which way to go.

Select the ideas that are most consistent with your niche and go to the web to find out what has already been published. You can create something new about a particular idea or simply improve existing ideas by adding what you carry as an experience to your readers.

Hot topics in the market tend to be more profitable. Try to combine that with your idea.

2. Delimitation and research for production

When writing a news story the journalist usually answers some questions. These are: how, where, why, when and who. The ebook is not news, but there are questions that need to be answered for it to be consistent.

The create successful ebook as an infoproduct brings with it the proposal to solve a consumer problem. For that, you need to understand what the project’s objective is, what the content is about, what problem it solves. Is the digital book a new idea? What is the niche of the project?

This way you will be delimiting your subject more and also making the task of writing your ebook easier.

As stated earlier, it is important that you go research what you have already published on your topic on the internet. If there is already a lot of content, if your idea is really something new and thus make the work even richer.

3. Writing process, proofreading, text editing and structure

The writing part has really arrived. Here you will use all your research and everything you know about the topic, in order to make your material unique.

It is interesting to separate the subthemes into chapters to make reading easier for your consumer, don’t forget that reading on the web is more dynamic.

Try to make short paragraphs, without those gigantic blocks that tire the eye and don’t separate ideas. The flow of the text is important. The cleaner the better.

Use and abuse the highlights for your text. Bold and italics are extremely important tools when expressing and highlighting something important in your ebook.

Use images as a complement of ideas. Making the text attractive and visual helps not to tire of reading.

After the writing process, it is very important to do a complete review of your work. This includes structure and mainly identifying possible grammatical and typing errors – which are very common.

Here is an interesting tip: asking an acquaintance or a professional to review your work can help a lot, since the other person will read it looking for errors that you may not have seen.

4. Definition of the keyword and title

Keywords are by far the main search engines on the web. Every search originates from a word, doesn’t it? That’s why they are so important. Not to mention that consumers directly use words in search of solutions on Google.

Defining your keyword is telling the search engine that you have that content. And your material, depending on the audience, will appear directly on the search engine in a different position.

Attractive titles are also very important. Not the main part of the work, but also the titles and subtitles of the chapters. Try to choose those that are seductive and that arouse curiosity in your reader. According to research, people tend to look for what arouses curiosity in them. Your ebook needs a very attractive title.

5. Creation of visual identity

What we have to do here in this part is to reiterate what has already been said. Just like titles and subtitles, the cover must be attractive. Figures must also be attractive. The visual part of the ebook arouses curiosity in the reader.

Besides, this is where you will give your material a “face”. Use familiar logos and colors that remind the reader of your material on other occasions.

Usually a design team takes care of that part, but there are countless free sites to create that stripped-down design.

Do you know Sqribble? It is an ebook builder tool! It is extremely simple to operate and you will have access to an unlimited number of images and content. It helps you to create an ebook in minutes.

6. Publication

The time has come to publish your ebook. This publication can be made on your personal website, or you can use platforms such as Amazon, Wattpad among others, to upload your book.

There are other platforms aimed at publishing and selling digital products, not just ebooks, you can get to know these platforms by accessing the link to our last article.

To promote it you can use e-mail triggering tools such as e-mail marketing. Ads on social networks are also welcome and give you good visibility. Respect the stipulated release date and that’s it, your material is released!

7. Analysis and optimization

The work after publication is not over. There is still the post-launch. Here you will analyze the post-publication data and see what can be improved for the next edition or ebook.

Through the metrics tracking tools provided by the sales platforms themselves and with the readers’ feedback you will notice if your material was useful.

So, let’s create your ebook?

Ebooks are excellent tools. Their practicality of production and low cost make them very attractive. Choose well the topic you want to address to create successful ebook, research a lot for your material and be a differential on the web.

That way you will be rewarded with many sales and the multiplication of your ideas. It is a good, beautiful and cheap business.

Do you have any knowledge you could turn into an ebook? Tell us in the comments!

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