Why Can A Dunzo Clone Be The Best Investment Option For Entrepreneurs?

dunzo clone

What exactly is convenient? Imagine a scenario. You need to buy different products from various stores. Let’s say you need to buy food, shop groceries, order medicines, and many more. Reaching out to these services physically is exhausting, and you cannot bring convenience into the picture. What if you use the food delivery app to order food, and specific delivery apps to demand numerous products? Comfort creeps in, but still, you may have to switch between various apps to have control over orders. Now, what if a single app can provide multiple delivery services? This luxury gauges the multi-service delivery apps as the highest level of comfort. 

One such app that has been ruling the Asian market in terms of popularity and revenue is Dunzo. Dunzo enables customers to order products from the comfort of their homes and await doorstep deliveries. 

Are you an entrepreneur having a similar idea in mind and eagerly waiting to transform your vision into business? In that case, you need to know the ins and outs of a multi-delivery service app. In this blog, we’ll discuss why the Dunzo clone is a safe and secure investment option. Besides, we’ll also glance at some unique prospects that can propel your app to be an instant hit. 

Dunzo and the idea of hyperlocal delivery 

The founders of Dunzo were keen on one point – not to develop just another delivery app. Bringing uniqueness to the table is vital to draw attention and boost sales. Dunzo introduced hyperlocal delivery services to app users. Now, what is hyperlocal delivery? 

The concept of hyperlocal is, in simpler terms, reaching out to customers as soon as possible. In this fast-paced world, the time factor plays a crucial role in determining customer convenience. Leveraging hyperlocal delivery, Dunzo promises 60-minute delivery to customers. 

While this model is easy to plan, it is challenging to execute. As an aggregator, you need to pull the strings of numerous stakeholders. Besides, having an efficient, in-house delivery team makes the whole process easier. Many apps have utilized this concept, but only a few get to master it. 

Can you gain mastery over this hyperlocal delivery business model in your on-demand service script? 

The best investment option – One for the future 

Let’s step into the main part. Be it budding startups or established brands, everyone has budget constraints. An entrepreneur investing in an on-demand app expects the platform to sustain and generate revenue for further years to come. Choosing the right on-demand service assures an entrepreneur’s ROI and sustainability. Some of the top reasons for investing in an on-demand multi-delivery service app are, 

  • The need of the hour: Digitization is inevitable in this modern era. As businesses and industries are turning towards the online medium, delivery services are becoming the need of the hour. The COVID-19 pandemic is one concrete example to state the importance and convenience of delivery startups. Delivery services for alcohol, medical cannabis, flower, medicine, etc., are all sprouting up. Having an on-demand multi-delivery service app makes it the ‘one-stop’ destination for customers from different walks of life. 
  • The impact of eCommerce: eCommerce is one industry that is booming exponentially in the past years. The success of eCommerce startups depends on the total time for delivery of products. There is no doubt that eCommerce will utilize the hyperlocal delivery model. With eCommerce giants already acquiring emerging delivery startups, you needn’t hesitate to invest in a Dunzo clone app. 
  • Limited funding; unlimited returns: With advancements in modern technology, an entrepreneur needn’t make six-digit investments, wherein a majority of its share will head towards app development. Several app development companies are coming up with clone app solutions. All that you have to do is customize the clone app and launch it in your market. This way, with even a four-digit budget, you can top the charts, gaining an irreplaceable position among the audience. 
  • Aggregators are crucial: In the current marketplace that works on the supply-demand principle, both suppliers and customers find it difficult to reach out to one another. Taking restaurants as an example, customers cannot access eateries every day in their jam-packed schedules. On the other hand, restaurants do not have the funds to launch a delivery app on their own. The role of aggregators is indispensable, seamlessly bridging the gap between these two. 

You do not need more compelling reasons to invest in this multi-delivery service platform. 

Consider these services in the platform 

Delivery options are plenty. It is advisable to conduct market research and prioritize those delivery services that the customers demand. Some of the top-performing delivery services include, 

  • Food 
  • Grocery 
  • Medicine 
  • Courier 
  • Gifts
  • Pet supplies
  • Alcohol
  • Flowers
  • Medical cannabis and many more 

The ideology behind choosing services is simple – the business that offers services to satisfy customers wins! 

Focus on these aspects 

One of the cardinal terms for an entrepreneur to add to his toolbox is the ‘unique selling proposition.’ While on-demand apps are many, only a few notices and implements this term. Apparently, they turn out successful, while others dig their own grave. Some of the important unique aspects to consider in an on-demand Dunzo clone include, 

  • Promise a delivery time and manage to pull it off no matter what. 
  • Decide on your commission scale with multiple stakeholders. 
  • Ensure 24×7 quick delivery services. 
  • Integrate numerous digital payment solutions. 
  • Aggregate numerous stores to gain a massive customer base. 


As a blessing in disguise, COVID-19 appears to be fueling the need for doorstep delivery services. With a sea of entrepreneurs eager to invest in this lucrative business opportunity, do not wait any longer. Choosing the hyperlocal delivery model makes the app more accessible and reliable among the audience. 

Reach out to an app development company, tell them your needs, and launch your Dunzo clone app right away! 

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