How to rip and copy audio from a DVD Disc

audio from dvd Disc

Before portable digital devices become popular, DVDs and CDs play a very important role in our daily life to offer entertainment or way to relax. Especially DVD became the trend of having fun for it’s a container of movies and music. However, with technology developed rapidly, DVD lovers especially those loyal fans who are fancy with background music or audio of a movie DVD are trying their best to find the best way to rip and make an own copy of their favorite audios. If you are a crazy fan like this, don’t worry, follow the article, you will find this tough task not difficult anymore with one powerful DVD to audio converter.

More reasons to rip and copy audio

There are so many situations need you to rip an audio from a DVD Disc. 

1. As a teacher, you may want to rip an audio from one hot movie to make a listening training lesson for students which may arouse interest of the class.

2.  As a video creator, finally find one beautiful and suitable background music from a DVD Disc to use in your own videos. 

3. If you are a music lover who just addict to some music from various different DVD Discs, this need leads to the demand of ripping these audios to get your own favorite dialogue.

4. Just want to playback the audio you like in other handy devices over and over again.

One good converter makes this task easier

It is difficult to rip a DVD with copyright protection control system. Thus, you need to find one good DVD ripper to help you rip those DVDs with region code and other encrypt technology. You can use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to help you in this process. It is a DVD to audio converter that correctly and completely extract audios from DVD Discs, ISO Images and DVD Folders in few minutes and convert the audio to various digital formats that you can playback on smartphone, tablets, or PC. With its super-fast ripping speed, easy-to-understand interface and various audio formats to choose, it is the perfect tool to get audios out of original DVD Discs.

How to rip and extract audio from a DVD Disc with several simple clicks

Follow this three-step guide, it is easy to extract the audio from DVDs after free download the DVD to audio ripper and converter.

Step 1: Put the DVD contains music you like into the DVD Driver and launch the DVD ripper. Get into this concise user-friendly interface then click “DVD Disc” to load into this ripper. After a few seconds of reading and analyzing, the main title as known as the main part of movie will be marked automatically immediately. 

Step 2: It’s the audio and video file of whole movie. If you just want to cut up a short clip from it, click “Edit” button and move the two sliders to cut it up to keep the part you want to save. Then click “OK”. To start conversion, firstly choose one output audio format by clicking the “Output Format” button to selection. Choose one under the “Audio” tab like MP3, WAV, DTS, AAC, etc.

Step 3: Before start extraction, select one output folder path to save the audio, Then, hit “Run” button to start the whole DVD to audio process. Few seconds later, enjoy it as you like.

More features to enjoy

1. After downloaded, this clean and safe software no need to install other bundled software.

2. Three kinds of DVD sources support to rip as DVD Disc, ISO Image and DVD Folder.

3. Batch files up to 10 converted at once.

4. Rip any DVD with 1:1 quality.

5. More than 500 digital formats and devices can save as.

6. Apply with unique hardware acceleration technology to speed up to 50X than before.

7. Built-in editor and efforts added choices to enhance watching experience.

Last words

To sum it up, as we all know, it is not so easy to extract only audio from a DVD Disc. With reliable software to assist, this tough task not so difficult any more. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can be one of your best choice among plenty of DVD ripping tools you can trust. It’s professional operation, super-fast speed of conversion, multiple parameter pre settings to customize your own audio, to help you easily extract the whole audio file from the DVD with 1:1 quality. With this wonderful software in your hand, why not give it a try. If you have other good ideas to convert DVD to audio, just leave your comments below.

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