Important Steps and Prerequisites to Get Auto Insurance in Dubai

auto insurance in dubai

If you own a car and drive it in any area of Dubai, it is essential for you to get the mandatory insurance policy there. For this, you have to follow simple but important steps, while meeting a few of the prerequisites to get auto insurance in Dubai easily.

Basic and Mandatory Details to Provide to get Auto Insurance Policy

As a policy buyer, you have to provide a few of the basic details about you as a car driver and the car to generate a personalized type of auto insurance in Dubai.

Personal Details 

You should provide your name, contact details, date of birth, country, from where you get the license for the first time, nationality, numbers of years, for which you have driving license and number of years, you drive without claiming your car insurance. In addition, your insurance provider may ask you to declare that your vehicle is available for private use only, which should meet the GCC specifications and not imported one from any other country. 

Car Details 

You have to provide the necessary car details, which include the manufacturing year of your car, year of its registration for the first time, place of your car’s registration (Emirate preferable), along with the model, make and value of your car. Your chosen insurer offering auto insurance in Dubai may provide your car’s estimated value according to your provided details. However, you get a chance to change the value until and unless your insurer sets the range. 

Quick Steps to Get an Auto Insurance Policy for Your Car 

Once you provide the necessary details about yourself and your car, you have to three major steps to buy your auto insurance in Dubai and other surrounding cities of UAE. 

1.Complete Your Online Form 

The online form lets you mention yourself as a driver and your car. This lets you check the best possible deals and rates prevailing in the entire automotive market. 

2. Choose the Best Possible Insurance Policy 

After you have a look at available insurance plans, you should compare and save a specific auto insurance quote, which works to benefit you. You should make sure that the price charged by your insurance companies remains free from any extra or hidden cost. 

3. Make Payment of the Premium Amount 

You may get a chance to make a secured and instant online payment of your insurance premium by using your debit card or credit card. Besides, you are available with the option to make payment by using another 100percent secured method i.e. by using your phone. 

Selection between the Types of Auto Insurance Policies Available in Dubai

Insurance companies may offer you to choose between two different types of auto insurance policies in the city of Dubai. These are as follows-

Basic Insurance Coverage i.e. Third-party Insurance Coverage

Third-party insurance coverage is a basic type of insurance policy coverage, which covers only the damages caused to third party people because of your car. This is a mandatory type of auto insurance in Dubai according to the law of UAE. In contract, the insurance policy does not give any payment for the damages caused to your vehicle. However, the positive thing is that the policy is relatively affordable. 

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage 

The comprehensive type of auto insurance protects your car and other similar types of the vehicle caused due to theft or fire, while it pays to the third party if you involve in an accident in any way. Besides, the insurance policy pays out in case your car suffers damages because of a crash or bump. If you want to get the highest possible coverage or protection, you should choose for comprehensive insurance coverage, as it also gives you add-on types of insurance coverage options. 

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