How To Create A Clickable YouTube Thumbnail With These 10 Actionable Tips

youtube thumbnail

A YouTube Thumbnail is a picture that can be seen on your Youtube video. It is one of the most important features on Youtube. This becomes more important for Youtubers or content creators as this button helps them to increase the marketability of the content and channel. Thumbnail helps to advertise your video by attracting viewers who otherwise may not bother to click on it. As it is very important to have an incredible thumbnail, here are a few important actionable tips to create youtube thumbnail. To know more about YouTubing visit confluencr.

Use Close-Ups

It is suggested to put a close up picture as your thumbnail as the image looks very small on your device. If you put a wide picture as a thumbnail, it will make it difficult for your audience to grasp the details of your video and hence they may tend to skip your video without even putting any effort to know your content. Close up image helps your user know what is your content.

Give a hint

A thumbnail should be used just to trigger the audience’s curiosity. By showing an enticing image of your video’s central act they would want to find out more about it. For example, if your video is about a  bike stunt then the thumbnail should probably have an action shot of a bike stunt. Hence it becomes important to give a kick to the audience’s curiosity.

Display a Face and emotions in Your Thumbnail

Users are more likely to choose images with faces, hence its recommended to have a face in your thumbnail. Emotions also play an important role in intriguing us to play the video. Hence adding emotion increases the probability of your audience clicking on the video.

Thumbnail Text

Sometimes it is not possible to communicate everything you want just with an image, hence it becomes necessary to complement the image with text.

As there is very less scope to add words, it becomes necessary to choose the right words to convey your message. It is recommended to not have more than 6 words to make sure it doesn’t take a lot of space. It is also necessary to make sure that the font size and colour are perfect so that it is readable.

Use Complementary Colors

There are plenty of YouTube videos and it is necessary for your video’s thumbnail to stand out. Putting contrasting colours to your image helps to grab the attention of your user. Using analogous colours also helps as it is pleasing for the user’s eye and hence make the user want to see your video.

Increases Interactivity with users

It is very important that you are engaging with your audience and interacting with them. YouTube thumbnail helps you to create an interaction with your audience about the content of your video. With a lot more attractive images and enticing thumbnail, you can make sure that there is an increase in your interaction with the audience.

Ensuring good quality

To promote your video you have to ensure that your video’s thumbnail is appealing to your audience and they click on the video. For this, you have to ensure that the quality of the thumbnail is not compromised. If the image is blurred or is of bad quality then this will create a bad impression among the viewers and they may skip your video hence it is very important to maintain good quality thumbnail.

Consistency in thumbnail

It is recommended to maintain consistency in the design of your video’s thumbnails. People will be able to recognise those videos easily which are familiar to them. Hence you must add elements in the video such as brand’s logo, the colour of the overlay and theme, font size etc to maintain consistency.

Avoid Giving Away Misleading Content

Lastly, it is important to ensure that you do not mislead your audience by faking your thumbnail. This will affect your reputation drastically. Click baiting may result in an increase in your views but it is short term and will not help you with your ultimate goal of promoting your video. Click baiting may have its own consequences such as YouTube not showing your video in search results.


Your thumbnail is like a poster which is released before the movie. It does not reveal everything about your movie but just gives important information to engage with people. This sparks the curiosity in the audience’s mind and makes them want to watch your movie. Similarly, a thumbnail is just to ensure that people want to click and see what is your video about. You don’t have to follow all of the above-mentioned tips but figure out what works best for you. experimenting with these tips will help your video getting successful.

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