5 Ways to Become A Vlogger and Make Money on YouTube Videos

Make Money on YouTube Videos

Recently you heard a lot about making money from Vlog. This is an interesting job and the money that Vloggers have earned is a lot more than you imagine. 

So, how will Vloggers make money? 

If you want to join this path, which way is effective and simple for you? 

In this article, I will guide and help you answer all those questions! Are you ready? Read below to know about 5 Ways to Become A Vlogger and Make Money on YouTube Videos.

1. Identify Goals And Choose Topics For Your Videos

What is the purpose when you do a vlog? You simply want to try your ability, or do you want to do vlog like a serious job?

I recommend you need to define a short-term goal and a long-term goal. For example, you are not good at speaking in front of the camera, you need to do vlog to overcome this problem. This is your short-term goal.

Do you want your channel to reach 10,000 followers after 3 months or 1 year? You want to be famous in a certain area, and when will people know you as a prominent vlogger of your chosen field? This is your long-term goal.

Always give yourself some short and long-term goals, so you know where you are and what you need to do in the process of becoming a professional vlogger.

2. Use Your Best Camcorder, Smartphone To Make The First Video!

When recording the first video, you can use your smartphone, your camera, even your computer’s webcam to record.

However, if you are serious about this job and you want to make money, you need to invest in a quality camcorder. 

Use devices that have high-definition video recording mode and best microphone for youtube. It will help you create high-quality videos. 

Of course, viewers will love to see the beauty. In my experience, you should be humorous in your videos. Humor is very effective!

Note that Vlog’s characteristics are honesty and personalization. So, keep in mind that you’re doing vlogs, you’re not making movies. Therefore, be yourself!

Interact with viewers: You can interact in language, action, and with your eyes. Ask the audience questions even when you are doing an offline video. It will help your video become close and not be boring.

3. You Need To Edit Your Video

During the vlog recording, there will be bad sections that you will have to cut. You will also have to add effects, background music, or text to your video … to make it more attractive. Therefore, force you to learn how to use video editing software.

There are a lot of software to help you edit post-production videos. They are not too difficult to learn, on YouTube, there are all the detailed instructions for you.

Over time I am sure you will need to upgrade, both computer hardware and video editing software. But if you really don’t have enough time for studying, I think you should hire a person to edit videos for you….

4. Create Your Own Channel On Youtube And Upload Your Videos

Currently, the best platform for sharing videos is still YouTube. You can create a video channel on YouTube and it’s free.

 The steps are very simple, and you only need a few minutes to complete your channel. And after you’ve finished filming an interesting vlog, you can upload it to your channel easily, still without any cost!

Next, you need to know some pre-post video optimization operations (SEO on YouTube), which will help your videos reach more people, get more views.

Don’t forget to set the thumbnail for your vlog videos. In order for your vlogs to stand out, your avatar should appear on your face, along with the best images related to the video content.

5. Promote Your Videos And Build Your Own Community!

Now that your video is available on YouTube, maybe you will get some first views. But that’s not enough, you need to learn how to promote your video and vlog channel.

Take advantage of social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Your friends and your followers on social networks can also become your fans on YouTube.

Post your video on Facebook and write a description about it. Don’t forget to attach a link on your YouTube channel. This way helps you get more fans, or even a community of your own.

To Sum Up

Don’t worry too much about making money from vlogs because please keep in mind: Viewers come first, money comes later! 

Making money is only the last step, and when you have a large community, there is a huge amount of tracking, the money will automatically flow into your pocket with the Google Adsense program. The ads will show on your video and you will have money.

Also, when you become famous, you have hundreds of ways to make money. From technology review, join games how, collaborate with companies … to advertise games, advertise clothes, or train new vloggers. 

This job is still very new, and it is very potent. Have a good day!

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