8 Secrets to Cleaning Your Home in Half the Time

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To give a perfect and top notch cleaned look to your home in half the time, then there are some smart and easy tips that you can follow.

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Make a proper cleaning schedule and system at your end

Firstly, you have to set a proper cleaning schedule and system. Through this system, you can better get done with your cleaning job in less time.

By making a schedule, you can know and have an idea which room to clean first and how much time to spend in each room.

Make sure to stick with this cleaning schedule and keep on improving it as well.

Follow the top to bottom and left to right cleaning rule

Experts have suggested that one should be following this top to bottom and left to right cleaning rule.

As an example, you have to first dust away your ceiling fan and then you can start to clean your floor section.

This way, you can eliminate and remove all redundant work from your side. By cleaning from left to right, you can have this assurance no corner of your room is left uncleaned.

Use squeegee to give a streak free finishing touch to your windows

It is recommended by the experts that they should be using squeegee so that they can well give a streak free and highly professional cleaned look to their windows.

In addition, you have to generously wipe your windows and regularly clean them up too. Go on cleaning your windows from top to bottom.

Besides, if you do not want to make use of a squeegee, then it is suggested to use a good quality glass cleaner and also a microfiber cloth.

Keep all cleaning tools at your side

To quickly complete cleaning your home job, you need to set and keep your cleaning tools always at your side.

In this manner, you may not waste your time and be able to clean all rooms of your home in such a less time.

It is best if you wear and put on an apron and keep all your cleaning tools in that apron pockets. This is a handy tip that we have suggested to you.

Remain proactive while cleaning your home

One can only clean their homes in half the time if he or she opts for the proactive approach.

If you do not delay your home cleaning tasks, then it is hoped that your home will remain to stay spic and span.

Keep a close eye on all nooks and corners of your home and see which area has got dirty and which section needs a more thorough cleaning job.

Use feather dusters for cleaning

Instead of spraying and cleaning your nooks, pictures and blinds, it is recommended to use feather dusters. It is seen that these cleaning dusters work fast and seamlessly.

You can go on having ostrich feather dusters; they have become high in demand these days. It is because of this cleaning element that you can tackle all dust from your blinds and pictures quickly.

For routine dusting jobs, these dusters work professionally and perfectly.

Removing kitchen grease by using top quality dishwashing detergent

We know that removing kitchen grease takes a lot of time. So, what you can do in this scenario is to use a high quality dishwashing detergent and thus give a fast cleaning job to your kitchen.

Through these detergents, you can easily cut and remove all kinds of grease that is stuck into your kitchen cabinets.

If you notice that some tough stains are present on your kitchen cabinet sites, then you can add baking soda into your detergent and make a stronger solution to better deal with this problem.

Use lemon cleaner

Lastly, you can use a lemon cleaner to quickly cleaning your home even in the half time.

If there are stains on your porches and garage floors, then using lemon cleaner is the only fast and quick solution that you can go for.


So, give a 360-degree cleaning job to cleaning your home and follow all these tips that we have mentioned to you.

It is time to make this cleaning job a lot less tiring and less hectic.

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