What are some of the challenges of working with remote teams, and how can they be mitigated?

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An employee sitting next to you and an employee working from a remote location makes a big difference. In businesses, remote work is beneficial in the present times due to the fastest-growing Coronavirus disease. Keeping employees stick to their office routine even while remote working, the remote employee monitoring tools are providing unparalleled services. 

As per the survey conducted, Buffer’s annual report on remote work founded some figures stating how employees are reacting to the growing concept of remote working. The survey was conducted in 2019 in association with full-time or partial remote working companies. Around 2500 remote workers were asked about their experiences of working remotely, and the response found was quite surprising, that 99% of workers were satisfied and happy with the prevailing remote working and never mind to continue the same for rest of their life. 95% of workers showed a willingness to recommend this to others as well.

Flexible schedules, remote locations, no or less telecommuting, no office politics, and many more reasons are behind the growing low acceptance of remote work.

But, alas, remote working has some disadvantages that make the journey of remote workers challenging. The everyday challenges can’t be ignored as it impacts the business growth. Before finding out the solutions to address those challenges, let’s delve dive deeper into the key challenges of working with remote staff. Take a look:

Communication Breakdown 

The dearth of communication in remote working is the biggest challenge. When working remotely, employees need to stay in sync. Lack of in-person communication creates misunderstandings and conflicts, plus can be the reason for major projects shut down. As remote work is a long-term phenomenon and without a proper communication channel, employee productivity, engagement, and operational efficiency, it will have to suffer.

Solution:   For productive teams at a remote location, the communication and collaboration tools are the best solutions. The remote workforce collaboration can be enhanced with the automated communication systems featuring direct and team messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, and more. The software enables the team to collaborate in real-time. The unresolved business issues, missed project/task deadlines, etc. are a matter of a few clicks to be handled with effective communication.

Distracted While at Remote Work 

Distractions can be anywhere. In offices too, loud noises, snack breaks, gossips, etc. disturb the work culture. However, that’s controllable, as the managers put control over employees. But, with remote work, the scenario is different. The distractions at home hamper and kill employee’s productivity. No proper work culture, schedules, breaks, unavoidable family matters, television, and more distractions affect employee productivity and mental peace of mind.

Solution:  In remote work, all the distractions that break employee concentration can be identified with remote team monitoring software. This significant problem is tackled by automated tools that help employees set daily work schedules. The system monitoring features time and performance tracking that keeps a record of every moment and minute. This way, the software makes remote employees think twice before leaving the computer idle.

Loneliness & Demotivation  

Remote locations offer the comfort of working, but to some extent it makes employees feel socially isolated. In a remote work environment, employees miss celebrating every moment, office parties, meetings, etc. The lack of interactions, connectivity brings social gaps and employees feel isolated. Complete isolation from the office environment distracts, stresses workers, and makes them less productive.

Solution:  Remote monitoring tools eventually help balance work from home and loneliness. The software boosts engagement & morale by providing a quick collaborating platform for remote teams to stay in touch. Where the software eases interactions, helps organize online competitions, quizzes, etc. at the same time everything is being tracked to keep the records of time involved in keeping employees fresh and mentally healthy.

Progress & Productivity Tracking 

In offices, the managers find it easy to pay continued close attention to employee’s activities. However, this turned into a big challenge with the remote working with no means of spying on remote teams. The manual reporting of daily work routine lacks genuineness and includes errors as well. Remote productivity tracking is daunting and accuracy in data can lead to project failures.

Solution:   Remote team productivity issues can be tackled with the remote employee and work from home monitoring tools. The productivity insights of each employee are provided on a single-screen dashboard. Effortless time and productivity tracking make remote work more efficient and automatically creates timesheets. Further, tools featuring screenshot capturing takes snaps of the remote desktops to maintain a work diary for proof.

Time Zone Differences 

The remote teams and freelancers hired often work from any location across the globe. This increases the communication gap due to different time zones and long distances. Work across time zones disturbs the mental peace of employees and also breaks the sync between the teams. No constant collaboration, no fixed meeting timings, no clear task expectations, and more challenges are widely faced by the companies.

Solution:  By leveraging the rich tech tool for remote employee monitoring & collaboration, the organizations can foster the culture of team-building despite the time and remoteness issues. The automated tools facilitate a conflict-free environment for quick interactions via text, video/voice conferencing. The meetings can be scheduled in advance and the system sends auto alerts & notifications to the remote teams.

Notwithstanding its challenges, remote working is becoming permanent. The remote work obstacles are no longer an impossible concern that can’t be managed. With the incorporation and deployment of modern monitoring software the challenges can be seamlessly overcome.

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