Hair loss is the biggest issue that can takeaway your confidence and create health issues. However, thanks to the available hair loss treatment methods that can help you get rid of such issues and give your personality  a unique look and more importantly missing confidence. 

There are lots of methods available best suited for hair transplant these are:

  • FUI
  • FUE
  • DHI

You can go with any method depending on your condition and requirement. However, going through expensive methods to restore your hairs demands more  attention and care from your side to avoid side effects or serious health issues. Following are the dos and don’ts of after hair transplant surgery. Make sure you are selecting the right and qualified hair loss surgeon from a reputed clinic such as DHI Egypt. These experts know their job and can guide patients with the right precautions.  

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Let’s dive into some important dos and don’ts of hair transplant. 

Things You must do after hair Transplant:

  • Most importantly, sleep with such posture that may not affect your newly transplanted hairs. You may sleep in elevated posture to avoid the risk of swelling.
  • This surgery may cause any kind of infection in your body. So you must give serious consideration to the prescribed antibiotics.
  • Ice is a traditional remedy to cure swelling and injuries. This is the key treatment that you must apply for at least 20-30 minutes right above your eyebrows.
  • You need to be very calm and gentle with your hairs for the first few washes.
  • You can dye your hair a couple of days before the treatments. In this way you may not die even after proper recovery of your hair transplant surgery.
  • You need to keep yourself well hydrated before and after surgery because this will avoid your skin to be dry out and stiff of dehydration.
  • Keep in touch with your surgeon all the time in case of any emergency or infection

Things You must avoid after hair Transplant:

  • First of all, you are not allowed to drive right after treatment because you may be affected due to the sedatives used during treatment.
  • Keep yourself protected from the direct exposure of sunlight, even after a few weeks of surgery. You may avoid outdoor gatherings.
  • Don’t rub your scalp in case of itching because this can badly affect the newly rooted hairs and your all effort will be in vain.
  • Don’t sleep in a way which may cause rubbing of your new hairs on the pillow.
  • Don’t panic at all if you experience swelling because it’s normal to be like this after a few days of treatments.
  • But keep in touch with your surgeon all the time in case of any emergency or infection.
  • Don’t mishandle your hairs during wash as this may weaken the roots of newly transplanted hairs.
  • Don’t apply any remedy directly to your hairs as you are not allowed to touch your hairs so frequently.
  • You are not allowed to wash your hairs for the first 48 hours.
  • Don’t try to be a great workout master even after a few weeks of treatments. As heavy exercise may cause exertion and you have to avoid all such things which can be the reason of swelling.
  • Don’t be a drunker at all, as alcohol may disrupt the blood supply to your scalp, which can ultimately affect healing and growth.
Sum Up:

I know precautionary measures are not always easy but no doubt that success never comes from comfort zones. So, if you want to get perfect results and avoid any kind of risk, then you should take all these precautions under serious consideration.

 I hope this guide will benefit you a lot. Thank You!

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