Why the title and conclusion of an essay are vital

title and conclusion

The title and conclusion of your essay determine the quality of work you produce. Selecting a title that is a perfect fit for your paper can, however, be challenging. On the other hand, the conclusion of your paper should remind your readers the significance of your research and arguments.

The title and conclusion are critical elements to the success of your essay. Here are some of the reasons why you should pay more attention to the title and conclusion paragraph of your essay


Finding a title that is perfect fit for your essay can be challenging, especially, if you are not sure of the direction your paper will take. It is important that you find a title that will attract the attention of the readers. 

Ensure you perform thorough research for a good title. Your title should be catchy, engaging and relevant to your paper. 

The topic of research will help you find an appropriate title for your essay. The following tips will help you craft the best essay titles

Write your essay title last

Sometimes you might not know the direction your essay will take until you finish writing your paper. When you are finished writing your paper, it will be easier to write appropriate title for it.

Write an interesting title

Make your title as interesting as possible. This way, your persuasive essay titles will grab reader’s attention and make them want to read your entire paper. A catchy and engaging title should hook readers even before they get to the introduction of your paper.

Make your title agreeable with your essay

Your title should reflect the tone and subject of your essay. A good essay will be reflected in the title of the essay. The title can also indicate that your essay is not too serious.

Your Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of your paper is not just a final paragraph that ends your paper. It is a vital section of your essay that creates an impact in the minds of your readers. 

The final words of your paper can make your readers remember your essay after they finish reading it. This will make your paper stand out from the rest. The following is what a good conclusion should do

Restate your thesis statement

Your thesis statement is the foundation of any essay. It is a vital part of your paper, and your entire essay is connected to it. 

It is, however, essential that you restate it in the conclusion section of your paper. You can rewrite your thesis in any part of a conclusion paragraph. 

It can be at the beginning, middle or end of the conclusion paragraph.  you may use. Remember that you should not copy paste each word of your thesis from the introduction section. 

Paraphrase your thesis and make it look fresh and independent. When your audience read the paraphrased version of your thesis, they should be reminded that you have successfully proven it in your paper. Make sure your thesis is a reflection of the connection you have formed with your readers.

Many people will just name the header of the final paragraph as simply conclusion. There are, however, in conclusion alternatives such as in summary, to sum up, among others

Summarize your main points

A conclusion should remind your readers the main points you have discussed in your essay. Do not simply summarize your main points but synthesize them as well. 

Relate the major points to each for your readers to find the information applicable. The main points in your essay are the topic sentences in each body paragraph of your essay. When summarizing these major points, list them and show how they are connected to each other.

Contextualize your essay

When you contextualize your essay, you make your readers understand the significance of your arguments. Your introduction and conclusion paragraphs should help the readers understand essence of your arguments. 

Your conclusion paragraph should tell your readers what they are supposed to do in relation to the topic. Sometimes, the essay you write might require readers to take certain actions. 

After exhaustively presenting your arguments in the body section of your paper, the final paragraph should call the readers to action. Include a specific call to action in your conclusion. 

You should tell the readers what they should do. Some essays might not require direct action from your readers, but you might want to create an impact on their thinking. 

Asking your readers to think differently is a type of call to action. A good conclusion should explain why your research is important. Readers should be reminded why the topic affects them personally.

Key takeaway

The title and conclusion of your essay attract your readers’ attention and impact their minds. Writing a good title will make readers read to the conclusion of your paper to understand the significance of your arguments. 

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