How Can You Keep Your Car Safe in The Garage With These Tips


Even though your garage is the safest place to park your vehicle, pulling into the garage or backing out of it often can cause damage to the vehicle. Use these simple tips and have some common sense to avoid such damages.

When it comes to safe parking, a garage is an ideal choice, right? Well, yes or no. The chances of robbery can be reduced to a minimum by keeping your car in a garage. Unfortunately, a home garage is full of potential hazards that cause damage to your vehicle. 

As a car owner, you certainly won’t like the idea of inflicting damage to your car in the sanctity of your own garage. Yet, it happens thousands of times a day throughout the U.S. Fortunately, the damage is not too serious. Still, it should be fixed immediately with the help of professional repairs. 

There are some common tips that you can make use of to minimize or prevent such damage. Some are common sense. Others require some work to put them in place. Take these eight tips into account as recommended by professionals from auto body repair shop Greensboro NC

Organization and Storage Tips

Keep Your Garage Neat, Clean, and Organized

Whether on the road or in the garage, cars and other moving objects don’t play well together. Having a ding in the vehicle is really embarrassing. The best way to avoid such minor collision is to keep your garage clean and organized. Don’t load your garage with toys, lawn equipment bicycles, tools, and other items. Don’t turn it into a store room. 

Keep Your Garage Well Lit

This means day and night! Make sure the windows in the garage are open so that sufficient light can enter the garage during the daytime. You still need good lighting at night when pulling in ad out. This is especially true if parking is tight fit for your vehicle. Good lighting allows for safe and comfortable unloading of groceries or other items. Most importantly, it allows you to see objects that were left on the floor or in places where they should not be. This can help prevent you from bumping into items and injuring yourself or your car. 

Don’t Allow a Child to Play with Cars inside the Garage:

On rainy days, children opt for the garage to play their games. On hot days, a garage can turn into a playing ground for children because it offers shades and prevents sunburn. Don’t allow children to play inside the garage. Who knows they may end up damaging your vehicles! In view of their safety, make sure any tools or potentially dangerous items are removed from the way. 

Don’t Store Objects about the Car

Many people increase the storage space in their garages by hanging bikes, surfboards or other large items from the ceiling. Others will create hang shelves to store equipment or boxed items. Not a bad idea – except when it’s over your car, or even to the side. Taking items down and putting them back up provides an opportunity for contact with your vehicle that can result in unwanted damage. 

Keep the Rodents Out

During winter, a garage is likely to be infested with rodents. They can cause significant and costly damage if they decide to nest in your car engine. If the rodents chew away the insulation covering the wires, this can cause short circuits which may lead to expensive damage to the engine. Declutter your garage and seal up holes after eradicating the critters. Place weather-stripping at the bottom of your garage door to keep the pesky rodents at bay. 

Pulling In and Out of the Garage:

Install Safety Bumpers

One of the most common garage mishaps is pulling too far in and damaging the rear wall or whatever might be between your car and the wall. To prevent the impact, you can consider installing a soft bumper. Have some common sense. Don’t pull too fast into the garage. If your garage is too small, install bumpers on the side walls as well. This can prevent your doors from getting damaged when getting in and out of the car. 

Embrace Technology

Why not opt for technology when you have so much of options. Purchase a laser parking guide and fix it onto the garage ceiling with the laser light shinning downward at an angle. When the red laser dot reaches a certain point inside your, it indicates that you are at safe distance to park. 

Have Your Headlights On

This is another common sense technique. Unfortunately, people often ignore it. Truth be told, you are more likely to bump into something even in the garage, if you can’t see things ahead of you. According to general rule, it is important to turn your headlights on 30 minutes after sunset and leave them on until 30 minutes before sunrise. By having your headlights on, you can back out of your garage safely and comfortably. 

Even after all such tips and safety measures, if your vehicle gets damaged, call in experts who can help with collision repair Greensboro

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